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Menú del día in Bitácora

September 6, 2016No Comments
Written by Christina Assorian in Menu del dia

On Friday the 2nd of September, 3 of the team members of Casamona went to Bitácora to eat the “menú del día”.

The restaurant is located on Carrer de Balboa, 1. It is located 5 minutes away from Casamona Joan de Borbó.

Inside, the restaurant did not have many tables. It has a maximum capacity of 30 customers and it was still empty when we were there (12:50). We had the feeling of being on a boat with the blue-painted wall that looks like waves, decorations of rudder, and most of the things were made with wood. The atmosphere was linked with the food served.

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The woman who served us couldn’t speak English, but we had no problem with this due to the fact that some of the team members spoke Spanish. She told us that the “menú del día” began at 1PM. She took our drinks first and brought them with bread.

On the menu, you had a variety of choices. All 3 of us ordered the full course menu, which includes starter, main course, dessert and drink for only 10€.
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  • Starters : Seafood pasta & COD salad

The starters we took were really good, and served with perfect quantity. As you can see in the picture, it looks really good.

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  • Main course : Fish & Chips

We all took the fish and chips plate. It was a bit salty for all of us.


  • Desserts : Greek Yogurt

This dessert was very delicious. It was the best way to end a full course menu.


Pros for Bitácora

  • Good value for money.
  • Music in the background, calm ; good atmosphere.
  • Plates were well presented.
  • Employees are smiling and friendly.

Cons for Bitácora

  • Employees only speak Spanish and Catalan.
  • It was hot at this moment and there were no air conditioners. The fan was also not turned on. (we forget to ask!)

Casamona recommends you the place !



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