5 advantages of cycling in Barcelona

5 advantages of cycling in Barcelona

5 advantages for cycling in Barcelona

Cycling by the beach.

Cycling in big cities has had a renaissance in recent years after Lyon’s “vélo’v”, a system of cheap and shared bicycles available at numerous access points. Barcelona was one of the first to catch on to this revolutionary method of public transport, introducing Bicing in 2007. Since then London, New York or Paris have followed. So what makes this such a great way to get around, and why is Barcelona the perfect place for it? Here are 5 advantages of cycling in Barcelona!


1. Fully integrated cycling lanes.

If you’ve ever cycled around a major city, the chances are you’ve seen your life flash before your eyes and thought about how you should have written a will. While some may value the realisation this brings, that life is short so we should live it to the fullest, I think I speak for a majority when I say I would rather go about my life without daily dicing with death. Fortunately, Barcelona’s wide, airy streets are graced with miles of bicycle lanes (even with their own map), so survival is an option.


2. It’s healthy and eco friendly.

This is fairly self-explanatory – is it better for you to be whisked around in a tin can underground or get some gentle exercise on a bike? And of course it makes it far easier to justify ordering an extra plate of tapas in one of the city’s many amazing restaurants.


3. It’s super cheap!
Bicing Barcelona

Bicing Barcelona.

At just 50€ per year, it works out at less than 4€ per month, and, in a city with so much to do and see, saving money on transport is definitely worth it. Barcelona is many good things, but few would consider it cheap, and this is an easy way to spare yourself a few Euros. Also, you can rent them for just a few hours! For example the first 30 minutes are free and if you want to take them for less than 2 hours it will cost you only 0,7€ for manual bicles and 0,9€ for the elctrical ones!




4. Go anywhere without worrying about your bike.

By this stage I’m hoping that my powers of persuasion have already converted you into the keenest of cyclists, and this is one area where Bicing has an advantage over owning your own bike: you can just leave your Bicing bike in any of the docking points and go about your business with no worries that it may be stolen or damaged while you are away. Plus, if it starts raining while you’re at your destination, you don’t have to think about how to get your bike home in the weather!


5. It’s a beautiful city.

This is now a universally accepted fact. There is no case for anybody trying to deny it. So why not make the most of this and travel around it in the open air? It rains, on average, 55 days a year in Barcelona, so there’s no excuse not to be outside!We all  agree that Barcelona is a great place to be, and by cycling around it you can make the most of its pretty streets, lovely weather and varied attractions without having to worry – for so little money, what have you got to lose? Definitely a little bit beautiful.


Now you know why cycling in Barcelona is the best options for you! If you want to have more info about what to do in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to check our website!