[:en]Casamona’s Guide to a Weekend In and Around Barcelona[:]

[:en]Casamona’s Guide to a Weekend In and Around Barcelona[:]


Last weekend the Casamona International marketing team were busy exploring Barcelona and Catalonia’s surrounding areas. Check out the video we have put together to show off some of our favourite destinations.

From beach towns to hikes in the mountains to the hustle and bustle of the city, we hope that this can provide some inspiration for you all to discover new elements of this fantastic city. Below you can also find a description of some of the further out shots in the film.


Montserrat is a small mountain range that lies just over an hour by train from the heart of Barcelona. It is a perfect spot for those who enjoy hiking, nature, and fantastic views over the countryside. There are tens of kilometres of paths that weave their way through the hills for keen walkers. And for those who are not so inclined, a funicular runs to the top so the views won’t be missed! Furthermore, visitors will find Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey nestled amongst the peaks. The monastery, originally founded in the 11th century, is still functioning today and is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the area.

[:en]Casamona's Guide to a Weekend In and Around Barcelona[:] 1 [:en]Casamona's Guide to a Weekend In and Around Barcelona[:]


Sitges is an equally stunning destination, and perfect for those who prefer the seaside to the mountains. It is a great, relaxing environment to kick back on the weekend and enjoy some Spanish sun. Aside from the beach, there is an array of museums, churches, picturesque Spanish streets, and even a Bacardi Distillery for a special treat. Sitges is also one of Spain’s most thriving gay community and all travellers are openly welcomed.

Montjuic & Poble Sec

Just on the fringe or Barcelona, overlooking the the heart of the city is Montjuic. On the lower slopes of the hill lie the famous Magic Fountains and the Catalonia National Art Gallery which are a lovely place to spend a morning. There are many paths that lead to the Montjuic Castle which sits atop the hill, and walking to the top is a great way to take in a greener side to Barcelona while still being in the city. From the top, one is rewarded with stunning views in all directions and a tranquil spot for a walk or a picnic.

Just below Montjuic is the lovely Poble Sec district. It is full of character and a lovely place to explore. There is a wide range of bars and cafes in archetypal Spanish squares which are always full of life.

[:en]Casamona's Guide to a Weekend In and Around Barcelona[:] 2 [:en]Casamona's Guide to a Weekend In and Around Barcelona[:]

Other shots are taken in Eixample, and the gothic history and beach side views of the Ciutat Vella.


Of course, these are just a few great things to do. Barcelona and the surrounding areas are vibrant, and having a good time is far from hard! For more inspiration on what to do in the city, check out our other blog posts. From our favourite tapas bars and views, to a rundown of architecture in the city, there are plenty of ideas to inspire you![:]