[:en]Danish college students visit Casamona[:]

[:en]Danish college students visit Casamona[:]


In September, a group of students from Aalborg Business College visited Casamona as part of their study trip. The company visit in Barcelona started at the Casamona store in Eixample, where the marketing team welcomed the students. After a short introduction to Casamona, the students went to the next stop: the Casamona office in Barceloneta.


The Casamona story

Tine, the founder of the company, welcomed the students at the Barceloneta office. Tine told about the founding of Casamona and the ups and downs experienced since Casamona was started in 2004. Studying at a business college, the entrepreneurial story of Casamona was of particular interest to the students – something one of the students emphasized: “It was an inspiring and interesting visit with relevant knowledge about culture and society. Exciting as an innovation student to meet a fiery soul”.


Quiz time!

Everyone loves a good quiz – and so do we at Casamona! Therefore, we decided to let students compete in teams in the ultimate quiz: “the Casamona quiz”! The quiz tested the students’ knowledge in a variety of topics, ranging from Casamona and Barcelona’s tourism industry to the beer price on Barceloneta Beach. As a result of the hard work in the quiz, we rewarded the winning team with ice cream – something the students seemed to enjoy!


Visit in a Casamona apartment

Finally, to show the students what Casamona is all about, we took tCompany visit Barcelonahem to a newly renovated Casamona apartment. Here the marketing team did a presentation covering different aspects of Casamona’s marketing strategy: how we advertise, which media we prefer, etc. – topics of particular interest to the students, who go to a business college with focus on marketing and business. One student said: “It was very interesting to hear about the Spanish real estate market and how marketing works in Spain”. In conclusion: a great and interesting day for both the students and the Casamona team!



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