Parc Natural de la zona Volcanica de la Garrotxa

Parc Natural de la zona Volcanica de la Garrotxa

If you feel like a ‘get away’ trip from Barcelona city I recommend a weekend in the mountains. Only 1,5 hours outside Barcelona you will reach Parc Natural de la zona Volcanica de la Garrotxa. It is a whole new world with beautiful nature and several hiking opportunities. The towns are built out of volcanic rocks and there are a lot of cute guest houses to stay in.

The Garrotxa is a beautiful place with green woodland and volcanic landscape. We stayed at a B&B guesthouse called La Rectoria De Sant Miquel. The food was amazing and the house very old in a charming and romantic way.

Hiking routes and beautiful nature

The same day as our arrival we went hiking into a small town called Sant Feliu de Guixols – an old beautiful town with an amazing nature.

These hikes are very organized and in the tourist office in Sant Feliu de Guixols you can get a list of hike routes leading out to a volcano. They all take about 1-3 hours to walk.

If you want to walk longer, you can drive to the village Santa Pau and here you can do the longer walk in the Parc Natural. We parked where the trail started and walked for 4 hours. The trail is called L1 and along the walk we passed an old volcano and a forest which is growing on old ask from the volcano’s. It is very different and very beautiful.

After the hike we went to Olot and had the most fantastic food at the restaurant “La Quinta Justa” located in a cute little city.

Before we went back home we visited a sustainable ‘Green House’ made by Jordi Lopez Querol. The house is build of volcano material and is 100% ‘Green’. It is an amazing project and definitely something worth seeing.

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