[:en]Property investment in Barcelona is expected to bloom in 2017[:]

[:en]Property investment in Barcelona is expected to bloom in 2017[:]


Barcelona is the perfect city for property investors to earn capital

A growing economy and decreasing unemployment rate mean that property investment in Barcelona is growing steadily. At the same time, low mortgage rates and high demand for property also hint that property prices have the potential to grow further in the future. Of all cities, Barcelona is highly anticipated to take a big leap in this aspect. Barcelona holds such a great appeal to investors as property prices are currently quite low yet expected to rise in the near future. Meanwhile, minimal loan rates create great advantage for investors as well.

Property investment in Barcelona can yield approximately 12-15% in profit per year

Given the current situation in Barcelona, experts believe the city is a promising land for redevelopment projects. Investors can buy cheap property, renovate it then have it for sale a few years later. Besides, another profitable option is to  purchase under-construction property for future resale.

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