The Torres Wine Experience

The Torres Wine Experience

Torres Wine

Torres vineyard.


Torres Wine Tour

If you’re looking for a relaxed activity but can’t seem to pull yourself away from the bar stool, then you need to experience wine tasting. But only If you’re over 18 years old, of course! The Torres Wine tour is an affordable yet unmissable adventure, taking you an hour away from the thriving city centre and into a peaceful, authentic and mountainous part of Spain you could only dream about!

The Dusty Vineyards

From the 27th March until the 5th November, the winery in Pacs del Penedès of Vilafranca is open to the public. You will be allowed to discover the traditional wine making process and the legacy of the Torres family. The tour will take you across the vast vineyards at the Mas la Plana Estate. You will also know the creation of such a high quality wine. The tour is completed with the fortune to taste the various delicacies the vineyard has to offer!

But that’s not it! In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in The Torres Selection Tasting. Or you can also choose to delve deeper into Mediterranean gastronomy with a Wine and Cheese Pairing session.

At the end of the day when the sun is setting and you’re feeling lazy or slightly tipsy, you can stay local in Vilafranca and taste great food within a close proximity to the train station. There are many sweet, independent restaurants all worth a visit. Why not try El Caliu on el Carrer del Casal? It has been praised for its great quality and fair prices.

Torres Wine

Torres Wine barrels

How Do I Get There?

First of all, you will need to reserve your spaces on the Club Torres website. Then, from just 15 euros, you can  buy your tickets from a Renfe station and this will cover your travel costs towards Vilafranca where you will  be met by a guide who will take you by taxi to Torres and your entry into the vineyard.


It’s as easy as that to discover a rustic new world! To find more information regarding travel, visit this page.