Upcoming Cultural Events in Barcelona: Our Top Picks

Upcoming Cultural Events in Barcelona: Our Top Picks

There is never a dull moment in Barcelona, especially in the summer months when there are always various cultural events taking place around the city. We have sifted through and chosen our favourite upcoming cultural events. You won’t want to miss that will be occurring here in the cultural hub of Barcelona!

Music in the Parks 2019 – 31th May to August 30th

Music in the Parks is an extremely popular music festival that is so unique. The festival aims to promote the presence of young performers whilst aiming to appeal to a large proportion of the public. It creates both a dynamic and interesting spectacle. The performances will vary in range and genre; for those who like their more classical music, they will be able to experience mesmerising shows of choral formations and various orchestras.

For those who enjoy slightly more upbeat music such as jazz, they can listen to these incredibly talented performers whilst dancing along with their friends in some of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona. The most unbelievable aspect of Musics in the Park is that entrance to these performances is entirely free to the public!

In addition to the musical element of the festival, it will be possible to register in advance for the incredible opportunity to obtain guided tours of the parks. During the tours you will learn about the wildlife and biodiversity of the parks. The last concert will take place at the Clot Park by Monica Green at 9pm and will be a spectacular event which will be not one to miss. Our advice is to go and experience the unbelievable atmosphere for yourself!

In order to download the full program of Music In The Parks 2019, click here.

Music in the Parks in Barcelona

Music in the Parks in Barcelona. Source: http://lameva.barcelona.cat/sites/default/files/MusicaParcs5_800x427_0.jpg


The Festival of Festa Mejor de Sants 2019 – 15th August until 21st August

This festival is said to be one of the most popular summer festivals along with the festival of Gràcia. The locals will colourfully decorate the streets, transforming them into enchanting passageways. Moreover, like every year, there will be a prize for the best decorations in the neighbourhood. As expected, there will be dancing, group meals, children’s workshops etc. In addition to this, one will have the opportunity to experience some “Contradanza” (Habanera) music. This style is an adaptation of a style of music from the 18th century which was derived from the English country dance.

The first day of the festival will be very special: there will be fireworks and parades from as early as 8 am by the Triangle de Sants band around Carrer de Alcolea de Dalt and the Triangle de Sants band. Children are going to love this festival! On 23rd they will be able to play many water games at the Spanish Industrial Park from 11am. The fun will continue at 6pm on Carrer de Vallodolid, where there will be many children’s activities. Later on at 7pm there will be a chocolate feast for those with a sweet tooth.

The fun doesn’t stop there, if you want to find out about the many more things going on at this festival, click here

Upcoming Cultural Events in Barcelona: Our Top Picks 1 Upcoming Cultural Events in Barcelona: Our Top PicksUpcoming Cultural Events in Barcelona: Our Top Picks 2 Upcoming Cultural Events in Barcelona: Our Top Picks

The Festival of Festa Mejor of Sants, one of the most important cultural events in Barcelona

The Festival of Festa Mejor de Sants. Source: http://www.barcelonas.com/images/festa-major-de-sants-street-decorations.jpg


Outdoor Cinema at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

This exciting event will occur Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm from 8th to 24th August. This event is also totally free, so what’s your excuses? Its main focus will be on the “dangerous and rebel women in the world of film”, such as femmes fatales, a topic which will entice many curious people.

Some examples of the films that will be played are “I’m No Angel”, “La Gran Ciutat” or “Mommy”.

Outdoor Cinema at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Outdoor Cinema at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. Source: http://media-edg.barcelona.cat/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/gandules.jpg?v=1498644923


As you can see, there is always something fun to do in Barcelona! However, it’s not just cultural events that make Barcelona so exciting and unique. The vast range of gastronomy that Barcelona has to offer also helps. If you want to read about some of our top picks of restaurants in Barcelona, including our favourite brunch spots, visit this page on our website.


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