Barcelona Zoo Opens a New Exhibition

Barcelona Zoo Opens a New Exhibition 1 Barcelona Zoo Opens a New Exhibition

Barcelona Zoo Opens a New Exhibition

Barcelona zoo

Lions in Barcelona’s zoo!


Barcelona’s zoo

The zoo opened in 1892 and it’s located in the Parc of Ciutadella in the El Born area. It is well-know to have been the home of Snow Flake the only know albino gorilla. The zoo have several attractions as a primate house, a terrarium and also and Aquarama for dolphins shows! Also, the zoo it’s very interesting for kids but also for adults!


The new exhibition
Gecko Barcelona zoo

Gecko Barcelona zoo

On Friday, when Christians celebrate Good Friday, Barcelona Zoo will open a new exhibition for invertebrates. The name of the exhibition is ”Spectacular Invertebrates 2”, the decor for example by spiders and scorpions. The exhibition has educational reasons behind it and the section is mainly  for families and children. There will be also workshops on approaching them. Everyone can visit the exhibition until 15.10. on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. In Barcelona, there’s no place where people could see and touch these many animals. The project is presented to improve the first exhibition of invertebrates.

The new exhibition has explanatory panel that gives information of the animals, their curiosities, functions and biological characteristics. For this week and Easter, the Zoo also extended its program of educational activities for families and children. The educators of the Zoo present activities in different areas to help understand animals better and their place in the nature. In Easter, visitors can approach the zebras, mangabeys, seahorses, hippos, monkeys, orangutans and animals of the Zoo.

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