How to Enjoy Skiing Just 1 hour From Barcelona for €40

Skiing the slopes

How to Enjoy Skiing Just 1 hour From Barcelona for €40

You want to enjoy skiing just one hour from Barcelona? Here are our advices!

La Molina
Enjoy skiing

La Molina

Gorgeous coastlines, Dazzling sunlight and beautiful architecture usually come to mind when you think of Barcelona. However, if you want a break from the hectic Cosmopolitan life, La Molina ski resort is a perfect place to have some fun and relax with fresh air and Ski down the beautiful sunlit slopes. With 63 slopes and up to 135km available for skiing! Moreover it is just a two hour trip from Barcelona to the Pre-Pyrenees mountains. So it’s the perfect distance for a one-day ski trip!



Skiing the slopes

Skiing in the Slopes

The Slopes

If you enjoy skiing in La Molina you will love the Slopes! La Molina accommodates all levels of skiers from beginners to experts with many slopes labelled in different colours for each level.

Beginner Slopes: There are 13 green slopes for beginners and the best known is probably the Pista Larga, where you can find shops to hire ski equipment and take ski classes. There are also quieter slopes such as Pedro and Trampoli with the same difficulty.

Intermediate Slopes: For intermediate skiers, there are the blue slopes which are located at the top of the resort. To access them you have to use the Torrent Negre chair lift and the good thing is that you get to cover many kilometres skiing from the highest point of 2400m to its foot of 1700m down the Volta Sagrada.

The Brave Hearts: The expert skiers can ski down the more challenging steeper red and black slopes. There are wide slopes that give you a good run such as the Comella, Roc Blanc, Costa Rasa and Olímpica but there’s also the narrow Coms, Barcelona, Isards and Cingles slopes which run between trees and areas with virgin snow.


If you are not into skiing?

If you don’t enjoy skiing, La Molina has different activities to accommodate everyone who skis as well as those who don’t or prefer not to for whatever reason. There is a large snow park located in the area which offers an alternative to people who prefer not to hit the slopes. It’s the perfect location for a family or group of friends to have some fun in the snow without skiing with activities like snow-grooming, snowshoeing, Segway on snow, snowmobile tours, Nordic walking, laser combat or mushing tours or better still you can chill out in Costa Rasa cafeteria, while enjoying the breath-taking views with a hot drink.

There is also an adventure park as well with zip-lines, Tarzan jumps and many more activities to keep you pumping and filled with adrenaline. A great activity for those of all ages!



You have a few easy options to choose from to get to La Molina;

By Car: Driving to la Molina takes approximately 2 hours. There are toll costs to drive through the 5km Tunel de Cadi. But not to worry, the breathtaking views are sure to keep you overwhelmed and pass time quickly !

The cheapest way to get to La Molina will be by train or bus, which include a ski-pass as well. This may be a longer journey because theres many pick up points.

By Bus: There are bus and train connections as well. Moreover you can buy a bus ticket together with the daily pass. Sagales bus company have a one day bus package which includes a ski pass, insurance, and transport for €47 (2017 price). The bus leaves from Placa Catalunya 19, in front of the hard rock café.

By Train: You can also get to La Molina by train. ‘El blanco train’(white train) also known as the ‘ski tren’ are trains that go from Barcelona Renfe Rodalies railway station (Placa Catalunya) to La Molina on weekends and holidays from December to April.

La Molina offers a one day ski package which includes a return train ticket as well and bus passes to the ski area and a day ski pass. The price is €41 for adults and €31 for kids. Tickets are sold at any renfe train station in Barcelona, as well as other railway stations (Catalunya, Passeig de Gracia).



La Molina is quite a small ski resort so excellent for a weekend or long weekend, there are many hotels around the area which are close to the slopes and prices range depending on the hotel. There are cheaper 1 star hotels and more expensive 4 star hotels to choose from.

You can book your accommodation here or use other booking sites such as Airbnb and which also offer good alternatives in the area.


Useful tips for planning a trip

It will be smart to prepare as much as possible to prevent uncertainty or any difficulties with language etc. There is a map of La Molina ski resort which show the complete area of the park. It also shows the different lifts and activities so you’re not wasting time going round in circles and getting lost.

Also a smartphone app is available where you get to see snow reports and forecast in the area! They also post snow news on their twitter page. If you’re not a fan of maps and apps, there is a live webcam showing La Molina accessible online. We also suggest that you’re aware of the location at which you are renting equipment if you need some. Lastly Don’t forget! there are ski schools if you’re new to the sport, or if you want lessons before hitting the main slopes.

La Molina is definitely worth visiting if you’re living in Barcelona. The resort often hosts national and international world cup skiing and snowboarding events! Also it will definitely meet or exceed your expectations for a ski trip!

Here at Casamona we enjoy skiing a lot! If you want to see more things to do in Barcelona or around the city check our blog!

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