Reopening beaches in Barcelona

Reopening beaches in Barcelona

Reopening beaches in Barcelona 1 Reopening beaches in Barcelona

Explore what Barcelona’s 4.5 km of beaches have to offer!


On Monday 8th of June, Barcelona opened beaches again for its citizens sub- monitoring. On the weekend, the weather encouraged people to enjoy beaches. As a result, municipal workers had to redistribute bathers to other beaches (Nova Icària and Bogatell beaches) as social- distancing could not be respected. According to El Paìs, Nova Icària and Bogatell beaches exceeded 80% capacity.


Moreover, Spain opening borders for EU countries on the 21st of June and Sant Joan’s day lead to a massive arrival of individuals who want to spend time on Barcelona’s beaches. Because of this, some beaches had to be closed to prevent risk of any COVID-19 contagion.


However, Ciutat Vella’s beaches avoided restrictions because they were less crowded. This means that the opening of beaches in the city remains on the capacity of people to respect social-distancing. The city’s beaches can only contain between 25,000 and 38,000 people to guarantee social-distancing according to Barcelona City Hall.



A beach in Barcelona on the 14th of June


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