Why you should work in Barcelona

Why you should work in Barcelona 1 Why you should work in Barcelona

Why you should work in Barcelona

Work In Barcelona


Barcelona is a great city to live and to work in because it is privileged for its geographical location. It is located less than two hours away from most of the European capitals. Nowadays, Barcelona has become one of the most popular cities for its culture and heritage. The city offers a lot. Including the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. This is since it is connected with the global and European markets. Barcelona is a multicultural city with people from all over the world. It has an international reputation, it is advanced, competitive, cosmopolitan. Shops and restaurants offer a high quality of life, culture, safety, and attractiveness for tourism. Also, Barcelona city has a high quality of infrastructure. It offers a good public transportation system with easy access, quality roads to ride bicycles and to go to airports and train stations.

For international opportunities – work in Barcelona


Tore Agbar Poble Nou, Barcelona

Currently, Barcelona offers professional opportunities in different sectors such as artistic, hospitality, tourism and leisure, construction, commerce, logistics, telecommunications, technology and more. It is a city that grows constantly and offers opportunities to grow professionally. This city helps you find inspiration and insider tips. Recent studies by Boston Consulting Group, (2019) disclose that Barcelona was the fourth favorite city to move for work after London, New York and Berlin. There is a lot of multination’s companies that have headquarters in Barcelona such as Deloitte, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Nestle, Amazon, Facebook and more. Barcelona brings the opportunity to thousands of students to do their internships and most of the companies offer a full-time job after their internships finish. Although, most of the companies appreciate international people because companies feel that they have the opportunity to expand their culture and think from different perspectives. Furthermore, Barcelona’s main language is Catalan however, nowadays, Spanish has become the main language. Therefore do not worry if you cannot speak Spanish or Catalan, because most companies require English as a main.

Aside from working in Barcelona, the city is famous for its leisure such as amazing beaches, parks, mountains, gastronomy and festivals and more. It attracts its urbanism, people and vibe. So, why not try to live and work in Barcelona? We promise that it will come to a lot of professional and personal opportunities!

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