How Staging an Apartment can Help you to Rent or Sell in Barcelona

How Staging an Apartment can Help you to Rent or Sell in Barcelona

What is ‘Staging’?

When it comes to selling or renting a property, staging the space can really help to boost your results, and make viewers feel comfortable and welcome in what could soon become their home. Staging has become a common phenomenon in the US, and is now catching on in Europe, as people have realised how important it is to create a warm and inviting space that consumers can imagine themselves living in.  How Staging an Apartment can Help you to Rent or Sell in Barcelona

Fast Interior design

Barcelona is one of the most versatile and authentic cities when it comes to architecture and interior design. There are plenty of beautiful old buildings in Barcelona which have retained their original features, but the trend for decorating these traditional spaces with modern and designer furniture has really kicked off in recent years. In the past it’s been common for families to pass on inherited pieces of furniture from generation to generation and as a result, traditional styles and pieces would stay in people’s homes for years. Now, as people are moving more frequently and often into smaller homes, they’re looking for new and innovative ways to decorate spaces with good quality yet inexpensive furniture.

More and more consumers are falling into the “fast fashion” trend and looking to acquire simple, functional and authentic furniture design. As we all know, for years IKEA has been the shoe-in choice for getting good quality furniture at an affordable price, but as the demand for new and elegant designs in Barcelona increases, as does the need for new concept stores that offer a variation of unique and stylish designs.

How Staging an Apartment can Help you to Rent or Sell in Barcelona 1 How Staging an Apartment can Help you to Rent or Sell in Barcelona


Exciting Brands in Barcelona

One example is KAVE HOME, who pride themselves on their innovative yet simple and durable designs. In their words, they aim to ‘bring light and colour to your home at very competitive prices’. With a huge range of designs and to choose from, Kave lets everyone put their personal touch on their home, providing designer quality furniture, without the hefty price tag that often comes with it.

Similarly named but distinct in its own way, KARE Design is another well-established brand in Barcelona. With hundreds of different pieces to choose from in numerous different colours, styles and textures, KARE certainly has styles to suit everyone’s taste. If you’ve just moved into a new home or are starting from scratch and need some help with ideas, the KARE website also has a helpful ‘Inspiration’ section where you can find different themes to suit your taste and browse their furniture accordingly.

Concept Stores in Barcelona

If browsing for hours online isn’t really your thing, there are also numerous concept stores in Barcelona which provide a very modern and interesting way to shop. Often laid out like a home themselves, concept stores in Barcelona have become a popular way to showcase many different designs in one place.

Bon Vent in the trendy neighbourhood of el Born is a chic, Mediterranean-inspired concept store which is known for its nostalgic and sentimental pieces like vintage cutlery and antique fabrics. Laid out in a clean and simple style with bare brick walls and wooden floorboards, Bon Vent is a very inviting space which presents its design pieces in a classy and clear way.

Jaime Beriestain on Carrer Pau Claris in the beautiful residential area of Eixample is one of the more unusual and quite extraordinary concept stores in Barcelona. Seemingly a café/ restaurant from the outside, this concept store is divided into different sections or lifestyle ‘themes’: countryside, city, sea or mountain. This store provides a particularly original way to shop for your home, offering a delicious pastry and coffee to coax you into picturing yourself living amongst their designs.

Grey Street on Carrer de Peu de la Creu is a smaller boutique concept store renowned for it’s quirky and collectable designs, displaying original material from local designers as well as bigger brands. In the heart of the Gothic District, Grey Street is also a perfect place to buy smaller gifts or pieces of art.

How could this help you?

Some people may know what they want in terms of design when they move into a new home, but as we’ve shown you, Barcelona has an incredible array of exciting and original brands on offer that can help consumers and sellers alike to do more than just arrange some furniture in their home – to create a lifestyle that people want to buy into. Check more about stores in Barcelona 

How Staging an Apartment can Help you to Rent or Sell in Barcelona 2 How Staging an Apartment can Help you to Rent or Sell in Barcelona