How to revamp your bedroom without spending a fortune

How to revamp your bedroom without spending a fortune

Have you ever sat in your room and thought, ‘I want a change’? So have we! It’s no surprise people get bored of their bedroom when they spend every day in it. Your bedroom should be your happy place, the place where you can escape from all the stresses of daily life. However, it’s a common worry that interior design is expensive – but that isn’t the case! That’s why we at Casamona have created some top tips to help you revamp your bedroom without spending a fortune.

Add Light

We absolutely love apartments with natural light; however, this is not always possible (especially in small apartments). Therefore, artificial light is the next best thing. Adding light to your bedroom can transform it by creating the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. Although lighting fixtures can be expensive, it’s possible to find modern, chic and innovative lighting easily too. We suggest shops, such as IKEA, Amazon and ValueLights (UK). If you’re on a budget, these shops offer lights of all styles from as cheap as £10! This is one of the easiest ways to revamp your bedroom.


It may seem like an obvious step, but tidying your room can actually make all the difference. As they say, a tidy room equals a tidy mind! What’s more, getting cool, trendy boxes to organise your belongings can not only keep your room clean, but also add some style and colour. You can get many innovative, yet cheap storage ideas pretty much anywhere online. However, our favourite places to purchase organisers are Dunelm, IKEA and Amazon. For those in the UK, TKMaxx is also great for finding stylish, yet reasonably priced storage. Still not sure how to maximise your space efficiently? We love this article on 19 space-saving DIY bedroom ideas.

Add a pop of colour

If your room is looking dull, bland and tired, adding some colour can completely transform it (and it doesn’t have to be expensive either!) We love to add cushions, add a rug or even paint a feature wall. Having a pop of colour allows to brighten up a room, without being distasteful or overpowering. If you’re looking for amazing decorative pillows and rugs that don’t break the bank, look at TKMaxx, Argos for those in the UK, as well as Trasmas and San Carlos for anyone in Spain. In terms of wall paint, any homeware or DIY store will stock an array of colours that will inspire you to get creative.

Finishing Touches

This is probably the cheapest way to revamp your room. Finishing touches can be anything from candles, to artwork, to plants. Whatever, you decide, it will instantly add more style and character to your bedroom. Primark has some really nice things for a fraction of the price of other homeware stores. IKEA is probably the most well-known and accessible to everyone. They have a huge range of homeware accessories for a great price too. If You’re in the UK, TKMaxx has more high-end brands that are always reduced. So, if you feel like adding a bit of luxury, without the luxurious price tag, then you should definitely look at what they have to offer. In terms of Artwork, Vistaprint and SnapFish are cheap online shops to print off your photos.

As you can see, interior design doesn’t have to be daunting process for you and your wallet. There are so many tips, tricks and cheaper alternatives that will instantly change up your bedroom. So, take your time, have a browse of the websites we love and get creative! We hope you find this article useful…If you’re wanting more home inspiration, then check out our blog on small scale living: Designing a kitchen.