How to Spend your Easter Weekend in Barcelona

How to Spend your Easter Weekend in Barcelona

Spain is a Catholic country, and so Easter is a week full of traditional celebrations. This said, many locals move out of the city to enjoy a more peaceful weekend with family. Tourists, however, flood into the city. Do you want to explore the city’s most famous attractions? Or intend to take the more traditional route? Whichever you prefer, Barcelona is an exciting place to be. Read on to see how Casamona recommends to make the most of your weekend in Catalonia’s capital during the Easter weekend!


Probably the most significant events during Easter in Barcelona are the huge, traditional parades. You will see them happening throughout the whole weekend, starting on Good Friday (Viernes Santo). The parade of ‘Hermandades’, or ‘Brotherhood’ in English. This parade celebrates those who played an important spiritual and peacekeeping role that dates back to the middle ages. However, you will see that the costumes they wear include a tall cone shaped hat, resembling those worn by the KKK. ‘Hermandades’ is a must see as, although the costumes are quite controversial, it’s quite a spectacular event.
‘La Burreta’ is another significant parade that you don’t want to miss. Arguably the most important parade during the Easter weekend, this consists of a large parade throughout Ciutat Vella to symbolize Jesus arriving in Bethlehem. Many people gather to watch this spectacular event, laying palm leaves down, which you can buy from small stalls within the area.


When visiting Barcelona during Easter, you HAVE to try their traditional cakes and chocolates. The most famous is called ‘Mona de Pascua’, which is usually covered in chocolate and filled with a yummy, creamy filling. Although traditionally eaten on Easter Monday, you can buy this delicious cake throughout the holidays – the best bakeries will have beautiful displays!


Although many locals flee the city during the Easter weekend, tourists from all over flood in…that’s why its essential to PRE-BOOK for all attractions. The key attractions, such as La Sagrada Família, Parc Guell, Gaudi’s Casa Batlló, and for football lovers, Camp Nou are always hot spots over the holidays. We recommend checking out Trip Advisor for discounted tickets that will allow you to skip queues or buy ‘bundles’. This will make your experience in Barcelona a lot less hassle, so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Key Info

It is important to note that over the Easter weekend, many shops and museums will be shut or only open for half the day on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. However, the majority of key attractions and restaurants will stay open for you to enjoy.

Barcelona really is a great place to enjoy Easter, as it is full of culture, activities and food. We hope this has helped you with planning your weekend get-away! Looking to explore more of Catalonia? Check out our blog on 6 beaches near Barcelona!