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Stolen or Lost NIE Number | Casamona International

Stolen or lost NIE number in Spain


In this article you will find the steps explaining what to do if you got stolen or lost NIE number in Spain. An NIE number is one of the most important piece of paper you will need while in Spain, it’s a person’s Spanish Identification number. You need it for nearly everything while working and living in Spain. It is essential to have it if you are purchasing/selling a property or car and many more cases that involve taxes. If you remember your NIE number you can just tell the police man in the station your number and he should be able to retrieve it from their database. If not then it is a little bit of a journey!

You are all alone in a foreign country and you notice that one of the most important things belonging to you, your NIE was stolen or lost. What do you do? This blog will explain the process of getting your NIE number back when you got stolen or lost your NIE number.


Foreigners Office

If you have a Stolen or Lost NIE Number in Spain before you do anything report your NIE number stolen or lost to the police. Afterwards, go to the foreigners office on La Rambla de Guipúscoa 74 you will find this next to Sant Martí on the L2 purple line. Give your passport and police report to the person at the desk, following this you will be given a form to be filled out. Here comes the fun part, the person at the desk will then tell you that you have to pay 10,71e tasa (tax).


Photo Store

The fun part isn’t over! You will then have to make a journey to a photo store. The person working there will then fill out a form online. Afterwards they will give you 3 copies of the form. Ask him/her for a copy of your passport and the police report. Then you are on your way to the next step!



I will never forget about the first time i have seen an ATM were you can transfer money from, when i first arrived in Spain. They are not like your normal small ATMs you find in the UK. One word…’HUGE!’

Certain ATMs in Spain will allow a person to transfer money once they have the correct documents. But if you are in a situation where you cannot figure out how to work one of these enormous piece of machinery, do not hesitate as many ATMs have instructions on how to pay the tax.


The Last Chapter

Finally, take your receipt from the ATM and return it to the office before 13.30pm. Now make sure to guard your NIE number with your life!


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