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Barcelona Coworking Spaces | Casamona Real Estate

Barcelona coworking spaces

Coworking in Barcelona.


Barcelona Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are offices open to anyone. Startups, established companies, remote workers on their travels or freelance workers frequent these establishments all over the world. The Barcelona coworking spaces are perfect for getting the office environment feel without the extortionate price of a personal office.

In fact, they suit those wanting to network and work alongside similar thinkers. But this isn’t such a new concept in the land of business. One is reminded of the English coffeehouse culture in the 17th and 18th centuries. Gentlemen would pay a penny for coffee and admission to discuss politics and news and, of course, business. So, it’s not dissimilar now, these spaces are places where a diverse community get together. Imagine law advice from someone in your office, then help with your website from the graphic designer next to you.

Who are Coworking Spaces for?

Freelancers:  Barcelona coworking spaces are rising  out of the ashes of the financial crisis. With 17.1% unemployment in Spain and an 37.2% youth unemployment, freelance work is more readily available than full time jobs.  Thus, there is a  large percentage of the population with no fixed place of work. Also, Barcelona’s workforce has had to become creative, and thus coworking spaces have filled the gap in the market.

Startups: Barcelona is a popular choice for startup companies – it is ranked number 4 by Social Media Week in 10 European Start Up Cities to watch in 2017. The culture and the relatively cheap cost of running businesses and living attract entrepeneurs. Coworking spaces are also the perfect solution for those on a tighter budget. Moreover it is flexible like a gym membership, you can usually give a month’s notice to leave.

Personal offices can take up a large amount of available money. The rent, office furniture, telephones, internet, insurance and other essential amenities are costs small businesses should not waste money on. Hence, with the use of such offices, startups can redirect funds to growing their businesses.

Working remotely

For those who have the privilege of working from anywhere in the world, the benefits of coworking spaces are immense. As much as working from your own bedroom sounds like a dream, when working in smaller groups/individually, one can feel uninspired and unmotivated. However, coworking spaces could be the answer. Research from Cornell University  has indicated that being able to discuss ideas with like-minded individuals, despite being from different companies, has a positive effect on productivity. According to Manan Vohra, founder of Hadean Labs the spaces are – “positive psychologically – being surrounded by other productive people pushes you to be productive too.” Coworking spaces help people cheat these drops in productivity by giving the feel of a big office.

The flexibility is the beauty of coworking spaces. As they grow in popularity, those travelling enjoy hopping from place to place with the use of an office wherever they go.


Barcelona Coworking Spaces are a Low Cost Option

As previously stated, coworking spaces are flexible and a good option for those on a budget. In Barcelona, there are many options that range in price, with a mix of facilities. As demand grows, more places have opened up and the pricing has become competitive.

Websites like Coworker compare costs and facilities to find an office that suits you best. You can filter cost by day, week and month. Finally, Barcelona is lucky to have coworking spaces dotted all over., which as a result makes it the perfect destination for the business savvy.


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