The most expensive neighbourhoods in Barcelona

The most expensive neighbourhoods in Barcelona

Barcelona is known as a cosmopolitan but expensive place, a touristic hub and the house of one the world’s best football clubs. The history, art, modernit and diverse gastronomy are all converging together to offer a unique multicultural city. This cultural diversity comes by the many foreigners that arrive in the Costa Brava. Not only as tourists, but also as students or professionals from all over the world looking to improve their quality of lives. (To see about the foreign population in the city, click HERE).
Locals have invested in luxury properties in the city which has also increased it’s status. Thanks to this, now is recognized for having the most luxurious zones nationwide. Therefore, it is important that you, our client, have an idea of the best areas of Barcelona.
So let’s take a look at the most expensive neighbourhoods in Barcelona to help you find your perfect home.

The most expensive neighbourhoods in Barcelona 1 The most expensive neighbourhoods in Barcelona



This neighbourhood is a nationwide for its luxury attributes. Located in Les Corts and founded by Queen Elisenda de Moncada in 1936. This area of Barcelona houses several consulates of different countries. Alongside the homes of famous people and international celebrities, such as Leonel Messi, Joan Manuel Serrat, Shakira and Piqué.

In addition to the luxury properties, the area is also culturally affluent. On a visit to Pedrables you can enjoy the picturesque Monastery of Pedralbes, and the famous Gaudí Chair.


Incorporated to the city in 1921, Sarrià has become famous for having one of the highest standards of life. Nearby you can find green spaces and exclusive residential buildings, this district in the northwest area of Barcelona offers privileged spaces for those who are looking to live in an affluent neighbourhood. Additionally, there are many prominent schools and excellent medical centers which make the area a perfect place for families.


Chanel, Jimmy Choo, and Prada are just some of the many luxury brands that are in this area of the city, specifically, in Passeig de Gràcia. This famous avenue houses designer stores, 5-stars hotels and some of the best restaurants in Barcelona. However, the good news is that Eixample is not only for those who love fashion.

The architectural and historical treasures of Antoni Gaudi such as Casa Milà, and Casa Batlló, are here as well. Some other modernists like Lluis Domenech i Montaner, and Josep Puig i Cadafalch also have buildings in this neighbourhood. These cultural benefits, alongwith the central location of the area, add to its prominent position as a highly desirable location. Therefore, prices have soared in the recent years, making Eixample one of the most expensive areas of central Barcelona.


Last but not least on this review of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Barcelona. We visit Les Corts, the smallest district of the city, but one of the most sought-after.  It is one of the financial area where most of the multinational companies are located. This has meant that famous and highly accredited hotels have popped up in Les Corts. This high-level clientele has subsequently brought with its great restaurants and many shopping areas, thus Les Corts has become the perfect area for the affluent business people of Barcelona.