Travelling to Barcelona on a Budget

Travelling to Barcelona on a Budget


Barcelona on a budget explains the different things you can do that is inexpensive in Barcelona.You need a city break but you are on a budget. You would be surprised what Barcelona has to offer by means of price.


Travelling to Barcelona on a Budget

Flights are as cheap as €26 from England or Ireland straight to Barcelona with Ryanair. There are a majority of different flight times you can choose. For example from Ireland there is a flight early in the morning, evening and night time to Barcelona every day. While you are in Barcelona, my advice to you would be is to never go near a taxi. They are run on meters and they can be very expensive depending on your destination. Fortunately, Barcelona offers a wide range of variety on transport including Bikes, Buses, metros and trains. These methods of transportation are luckily very inexpensive. A train that is 2 hours away from Barcelona is only around €8 one way.


Things to do


Bring some snacks and take a stroll to the beach in Barcelona and go for a dip in the warm Mediterranean sea.  At the beach there is no budget!

La Rambla

Go for a walk on the 1.2km street of La Rambla where you will find locals selling various goods at their stalls. A perfect place to go shopping! Keep your chin up and take in the magnificent architecture that La Rambla has to offer.

The Gothic Quarter

Take a walk around the Gothic Quarter and see the fascinating alley ways that lead to different shops, restaurants and cafes. Again the Gothic Quarter has amazing architecture.

Catedral de Barcelona

Get the zip line for only €3 to the top of the mountain to Catedral de Barcelona. Here the exquisite city will surround you while looking down from a mountain.  

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

You are on a budget in Barcelona but you want to visit the spectacular landmarks just like Gaudi’s temple in Barcelona which is the largest unfinished Catholic church in the world. Instead of paying in take the view in from the outside. Who needs a tour right?

Visit Museums

In the mood to go to a museum? Barcelona has many Art and culture museums. Many museums are free entry every Sunday, so that would be a perfect day to put your walking shoes on! Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya, the good news is that entry is free every Saturday after 3pm and on the first Sunday of every month

Port Vell

Here at Casamona we are lucky because our office is located right in front of Port Vell this is Barcelona’s Port and without putting your hand into your pocket you can sit on a bench with the sun hitting your face, coffee in your hand and watch the boats come and go. If you are on a budget in barcelona then this is a perfect place to go.

Magic Fountain

Release the child inside you and take a trip to the Magic Fountain. You will be amazed of what you see and you will see the impossible! Show times vary in terms of season. For more information on times visit:

Places to Stay

When you are travelling to Barcelona on a budget, there are many options of places to stay in the big city. My favourite website would be Air bnb where you can share an apartment with other people. You will have your own private room in the apartment. Prices vary depending on the type of property. Prices can be as low as 11 euro per night. Visit–Spain?listing_types[]=1

Another cheap option would be a hostel prices are as low as €35 per night. In the high season, of course, prices will be more expensive.


Remember to have a blast in Barcelona!

Barcelona on a Budget