Volunteering Opportunities in Barcelona with Homeless People

Volunteering Opportunities in Barcelona with Homeless People 1 Volunteering Opportunities in Barcelona with Homeless People

Volunteering Opportunities in Barcelona with Homeless People

In Barcelona there are around 3.000 homeless people. Housing issues have only increased after the devastating financial crisis. As a result, with such a large homeless population the community is looking for volunteers to undertake opportunities with the homeless.

Volunteering Opportunities in Barcelona:

Arrels Fundacio:
Arrels Fundacio invites those living in Barcelona for longer than 6 months  to dedicate time to the homeless day centre. Their website asks people to get in touch and propose a plan. For example, you can let them know your  available hours and how you can help. In addition to options of donating money to the charity, Arrels Fundacio lists ways in which you can help out:
  • Share some time with the users that come to the Day Centre and lend a hand in the wardrobe, shower, first-aid and locker services.
  • Visit homeless people known by Arrels who now live in a residence or are in hospital.
  • Help in the daily routine of people who live in flats of the entity or in the Pere Barnés Residence.
  • Collaborate with the pre-labour workshop.
  • Lend a hand in the maintenance of Arrels’ flats and facilities..
  • Collaborate with Arrels’ website, translating or helping to organise the library..

Moreover you can  donate money to the foundation.

Take a look here for more information: https://www.arrelsfundacio.org/en/get-involved/volunteering/introduction/

volunteering oportunities in Barcelona


Esperança is a Facebook group  of like-minded individuals who want to make a change. The project  organises people to  volunteer in neighbourhoods of Barcelona in various ways, for example, handing  out food and clothes.  They go every Saturday and Sunday evening on two central routes around Barcelona so if you are interested, sign up here https://goo.gl/5L1GbS to dedicate your time to this cause.


This company states that they are the “community that cares about stimulating the minds of homeless people so they can play an active role in making the world a better place.” In other words, the company believes that by giving homeless people  professional support in addition to a place to stay for a year and a half,  you are creating the chance for people to get back on their feet.

One can volunteer by offering up professional support in any expertise. Alternatively, you can donate money that would go towards providing homes for the homeless.


More Volunteering Opportunities in Barcelona

If you can’t commit to a certain time every week but you still want to help the homeless population, think about organising your own  group of volunteers and help out in anyway you can: a simple chat with someone living on the street might show you how you can help.

Finally, for more on what to do in Barcelona, check out our blog. 

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