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Botafumeiro, Gran de Gracia 81, Gracia (Metro: Fontana), €€€

Located right above the Jardinets de Gràcia, Botafumerio is probably the best known Galician restaurant in Barcelona. It is popular for its fresh and rich assortment of seafood. Saltwater fish, clams, mussels, lobster, crayfish, scallops, and several varieties of shellfish are just a part of the dishes offered in this restaurant.

In addition, Botafumerio is popular for its great range of wines from the best cellars in Spain. Not only is the great variety of food impressive, but also the fact that each day it travels all the way from Galicia. All the sea food is stored live in holding tanks. The result is clear to see- customers can enjoy tasty and fresh food whenever they come.

The interior of the restaurant is classy and cozy, turning the restaurant into a perfect destination for special celebrations and business meetings.

Average spend: 70€


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