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Buying a property in a new country is an understandably stressful process. That’s why Casamona has introduced a new Buyer-Agent service if you need help buying a property in Barcelona. In this service we can provide 3 broad steps in assisting you to not only find a property but also to help with the processes required to settle into the city, including obtaining a Spanish bank account and NIE number. The guide for this process is laid out in the following 3 steps:

Step 1

In step 1, the agency will help the buyer in:

-obtaining a Spanish bank account.
-negotiating with the bank for commissions for international transfers.
-getting insurance for the apartment
-help the buyer to obtain a NIE.

Step 2

In step 2, the agency will:

research the market to provide you with different options of apartments for you as the buyer to consider.
-take the buyer on visits to any available apartments they may wish to view, as well as being the intermediary between the buyer and the landlord.
-help to negotiate the price with the landlord.
-form the Arras contract
-organise all the formalities with a notary (which involves making sure the notary receives all the required paperwork, organises a date to discuss the contract and its clauses, signs all the necessary papers and makes sure the notary pays the taxes on time, as well as any other important requirements).

Step 3

-After the signing of the Escritura, Casamona will ensure all bills are in the buyer’s name.
-If the buyer wishes to rent out the flat, the agency will organise viewings, check in and retrieve the rent from the tenant without any fee for the buyer.
-If the buyer wishes to undertake some reconstruction work in the apartment, s/he must obtain a working permit. The agency can refer the buyer to a person or company which s/he can contact, as well as guiding them through the process.


– For our services in Step 1, Casamona requires the buyer to agree and commit to paying Casamona International S.L (CIF B- 639 159 61) the sum of 500 Euros (+21% VAT). Should s/he decide not to buy a property after all, s/he will only pay for the processes explained in Step 1.
– After Step 1, if the buyer should decide to buy a Casamona property, then Steps 2 and 3 will be provided free of charge.
– However, if the buyer would like to buy a property with a private owner or another agency, then Casamona will contact the appropriate persons and continue to Step 2 and 3. In this case, the following fees would apply for Steps 2 and 3:
· Amount to be negotiated with an agent (+21% VAT) after the signing of the Arras contract;
· Additional amount to be negotiated with an agent (+21% VAT) after the signing of the Escritura contract.

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