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“…According to the CBRE Spain, of the €10.2bn that has been invested in commercial real estate in 2014, half of it came from foreign funds and another €2.5bn came from Scocimis which is real estate investments that can be traded in a similar fashion to share in the financial exchange which also have heavy funding from foreign investors.

Tine Mathiassen, owner of the Casamona Real Estate and a leading real estate broker recently sat down for a Q&A session to provide a better understanding of the market…” – Omri Barzilay

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Casamona in the Media

The real estate business of Spain can be challenging to work in. Before 2010 every person in Spain could legally call themselves a real estate firm without any certificate. But after September 2010, the real estate business changed, so every real estate firm needs at least one year of school about the real estate business to obtain a real estate certificate. This was to cope with the increasing amount of unlicensed real estate firms in Spain. The Danish magazine BoligUdland wrote an article about this issue together with Casamona. You can read the whole article about the real estate business in Spain and Casamona here.


Barcelona. People in the Spanish metropolitan is living outside, using the plazas as their living room and enjoying the beaches and palm trees. It gives you a sense of something always is going on, and you always can find new people to talk to. The Danish magazine ‘mitfyn’ have talked to Tine Matthiasen, the founder of the Barcelona-based real estate firm Casamona, about her experiences with the mediterranean city. Tine enjoys the pleasant mediterranean climate, and the possibility to enjoy the beach all year round and the relaxed lifestyle of the Catalan people.
In the article you can also read about Tine’s experiences and recommendations about restaurants, trips, music, attractions and warnings in Barcelona. You can read the whole article in Danish by clicking on this link.



In Barcelona you can get the relaxed vibes of the Mediterranean culture together with the atmospheres of a metropolitan city. Barcelona offers nice beaches, good weather and great shopping. Together with all this, the real estate prices in the city is considerable low, compared to other similar cities. This special mixture is something especially Scandinavian people have recognized. According to the Catalonian tourist office, the number of Nordic visitors in Barcelona have increased from 487.000 in 2009 to 647.000 in 2012. The Danish business newspaper Børsen, have talked with Tine from Denmark, the founder of Casamona, about the real estate business in Barcelona, and the good deals which can be made right now in the city. In the popular areas of Barcelona, she sees a decrease of up to 30 %, compared to the top before the financial crisis in 2008. You can find the whole article about Barcelona, Casamona and the real estate business here.


DanesaSince the financial crisis started in 2008, a lot of real estate firms in Barcelona had to close. In 2010 Casamona was close to take the same decision, give up and close the business. But a somewhat short-term change in the business strategy of the firm made it possible for Casamona to keep the business going. Casamona followed the basic supply-demand cycle, recognizing that less clients demanded buying apartments but was more interested in renting, and fewer owners wanted to sell their apartment but wanted to rent out instead, thus make the business changed from sales to a more rental oriented focus, which was more in the interests of the owners of apartments in Barcelona and what the clients demanded. You can read more about the story of Casamona and the real estate business in this article made by La Danesa which is a Danish magazine for Danish people living in Spain.



The two founders of Casamona, Tine and Anette started Casamona after they both moved to Barcelona in 2004. They started the company to fill a gap in the market, as they realized how difficult expands felt when buying or renting an apartment in Barcelona. Ever since, this gap has been the main focus of the company; renting and selling nice apartments to mostly foreigners. In 2013 the Norwegian magazine ‘Det Norske Magasinet’ wrote an article about how Casamona started, and what their main focus is. You can read the whole article online, by clicking here.


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Ever since the world Olympics in 1992, the area of Barceloneta have evolved into a cultural hub, which both offers nice beaches, true Catalan atmosphere and the iconic five stared W Barcelona Hotel. In 2014 the Port Vell habour was transformed from a largely working marina into one of the Mediterranean’s leading super-yacht marinas. Adding to this, the real estate prices in the area are still considerable low after the financial crisis of 2008. All of this have made it more attractive for foreigners to buy apartments in the area, making Barceloneta a very appealing property investment. You can read the full article from Financial Times here, and about how Casamona can help you in the process of finding your dream apartment here.


Casamona in the Media

The Copenhagen based newspaper, Frederiksborg Amts Avis, wrote in corporation with Casamona an article about how Casamona started and how the owners managed to create a successful real estate business. One of Casamona’s main goals was to create a different concept than their competitors. The owner, Tine Matthiasen, tells how much she has learned from starting a business in a foreign country where she did not know the regulations etc. Knowing now how difficult it is to start a real estate business in Spain, she does not regret anything and would do it all over again.



The Danish based newspaper wrote an article about the owner of Casamona’s family and how difficult it is to be so multicultural. Tine is from Denmark, her husband is from America and they are living in Barcelona. Their kids think in English but still manage to handle Danish, English and Spanish. The biggest challenge is to get used to the different cultures.

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Due to her success Tine Mathiassen, the founder of Casamona, got interviewed by Women in B2B, an international online magazine that writes about successful woman in different businesses. The interview contains how Tine founded the company, what are the secrets of her success and how it came that she founded a real estate company in Barcelona. Furthermore Tine describes what are her plans with her real estate in the future and what she would do if she never had founded Casamona. Here you can read the whole story about Tine and her company Casamona.




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