What is Casamona?

Casamona International is a small Real Estate company in Barcelona offering unique and different flats for Sale and for Rent. We have a large international client base, and our Internships reflects this: we have Danish-American owners, a Romanian General Manager and a team from all around the world. We offer the rare advantage of being a small, dynamic and non-hierarchical start-up company, so our interns have a great deal of autonomy and freedom to make changes from day one in a truly international environment and, eventually, examine the results of your work! This is a great opportunity for you to take the responsibility and freedom to implement new ideas in an organization that will value you for the work that you do and the person that you are.

You will be assigned a mentor on arrival at Casamona who will help with your training and will share their advice and experience. Once you have settled in, you will also have the opportunity to implement a project that is of interest to you within the business.

Casamona Internships International


Casamona seeks undergraduates for sales and rental internships, property market researcher internships, marketing internships, marketing writer internships and office manager internships. The length of the internship in Barcelona at Casamona is minimum 3 months. Casamona is looking for creative students who are able to work independently and in the team.
The skills acquired at Casamona could be a great basic for your future career in sales jobs, marketing jobs and office assistant jobs.

Sales and Rentals Agent
Sales and Rentals Agents are working as the intermediary between apartment owners and clients in order to rent out properties in Barcelona. As a sales or rental agent you will often have visits to all areas of Barcelona. It is important that you are dedicated to your clients, which at times will involve working out of regular office hour Requirements:

  • Strong conduct of both English and Spanish, written and spoken.
  • You must be organized, persistent and ambitious
  • Good social skills
  • Be goal-orientated and be 100% committed – in order to be successful! This includes checking emails everyday and on weekends.
Property Market Researcher
Property Market Research is the backbone of the organization. It is the market researcher’s responsibility to find new apartments that match Casamona’s profile in order to increase supply for the amount of demand that we have.It is the Researchers responsibility to promote the apartment in an attractive and creative manner, when writing a clear description of the flat in English, Spanish and French. Requirements:

  • Strong conduct of both English and Spanish, written and spoken.
  • You must be organized, persistent and ambitious
  • Good social skills and attitude
  • Good writing skills: clear and creative
  • Independent learner whilst contributing to the success of the organization
It would be your responsibility to upload relevant content on the website which appeals to our diverse audience relating to the cities we cover. A big part of this position is writing articles about Barcelona to entice readers and feed their enthusiasm.  Requirements:

  • Excellent written English, ideally some professional experience in writing articles.
  • Proficiency with social networks and the Internet, as well as good analytical skills allowing you to analyze website traffic.
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative.
  • Creative Personality
Office Manager
Manager involves working directly below the Managing Director and to assist with day- to- day tasks in the office. The position also involves being in charge of Human Resources, Accounting and keeping the office and other processes organized.Requirements:

  • This is a full-time role requiring good IT skills
  • Good telephone manner
  • Strong English and Spanish
  • Good organizational skills
The Application Process
  • Send a CV and cover letter in English to  recruitment@casamona.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • You will have a Skype interview, conducted in both Spanish & English to get to know you a little better and assess your language abilities;
  • If you have what we are looking for you will be offered a position at Casamona!

It was my pleasure and also, I am thanking you, it was a great experience form which I have been learning a lot. Also, I will miss Casamona and everyone as well!

Andreea, a former Intern from Romania

The job you described sounds perfect for me. As I said I am a very organised person and always ensure I work to a high standard. From working with Casamona I have found my strengths are working in professional yet friendly manner with the clients and owners and enjoyed buliding up a relationship with many of them. I am keen to continue this in your new project and look forward to learning about your flats and the procedures involved.

Caroline, a former Intern from the UK

Being Rentals Agent at Casamona was a very enjoyable role as a key element of it was working alongside and keeping in contact with other agents. It requires good time management in order to work out which rental agents are more independent and those which need more help, at the same time balancing this with individual work load and trying to achieve deals. For this reason good communication is extremely important, likewise, it is essential to always appear approachable so that other agents could ask questions should they need help. Casamona was a fantastic company to work as it affords true responsibility that would be unrivalled at a larger Real Estate Company. Every employee has a voice in the company and the possibility of positively changing their way of working. As an organisation it is very flexible, and if people are not happy in their role, they are given real opportunity to discover what their true strengths are and find a position ideally suited to them. I would recommend it to all young people.

Will, a former Rental agent from the UK

Being a part of Marketing Department at Casamona Real Estate gave me experience that I would not be able to get in a big company. During my Internship, Casamona provided a perfect environment not only to show but also to acquire many new skills. Position in Marketing department gave me an opportunity to learn Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Video Editing, Photoshop and many other IT skills and how to use them in practice in order to increase company’s visibility. All these skills are crucial in current jobs market. Also, I gained management skills and became more organized and detailed oriented. Casamona is a perfect place for students who finally want to put their knowledge into action because all employees here has equal rights to start their own projects and change their way of work.

Karolina, a former Marketing Coordinator from Lithuania

Working as an office manager at Casamona gave me the opportunity to improve my organizational skills. The daily challenges made me capable to work under pressure, and to prioritize the most important tasks. It was a great experience working with so many people from different backgrounds with different business perspectives and innovative ideas. By the end of the internship I managed to master my Spanish language and practice it in the office and apply this knowledge in my daily life in Barcelona.

Mariana, a former Office Manager from Romania



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