Diagonal Mar is slightly further up the coast from the central beaches of Barcelona, and boasts a collection of much quieter and calmer beaches in a more family-orientated environment. It is far less tourist-ridden than the central barrios of Barcelona, and offers an extensive shopping center, beautiful parks, innovative museums and of course the striking coastline.

Do you want to live in a modern building with an amazing view, then Diagonal mar might be the many of the buildings were built in 1980, but you can still get a Newly built seafront development built in 2016.



Generally, Diagonal Mar is home to the upper and middle class given the modernity and spaciousness of the flats with stunning views over the Mediterranean sea and parks and it’s established, luxury hotels. It’s large shopping centre is also an attraction for those who love to spend!


Unique & Different

El Parc de Diagonal Mar:

This unusual park was created in 2002 by a couple of innovative architects and it is a masterpiece of contemporary sustainable architecture. It is not to be missed when visiting Barcelona. The park is divided into sections and each area is created to provide the visitors with something unique. There is a playground for children, a lake, sculptures and various tubular elements. Water is the key element connecting all these areas as it is used in different ways to provide a truly wonderful experience. To read more about the park click here.

Museu Blau:

The perfect place for science enthusiasts, this museum displays collections about animal and mankind evolution, combining popular science with education and leisure. It also explains how the universe was created and consists of a variety of interactive sections which sets this museum apart from the classical science museums – Learn more

Parc del Forum:

Rather than a park in a classic sense, it is an area combining spaces to be able to host all kinds of events and projects. It was built for the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures, a project with a purpose of contributing to cultural diversity and sustainable development. Currently the Parc del Forum hosts music festivals, trade fairs and large events and became one of the major leisure places in Barcelona, since it can host up to 65 000 people.

Primavera Sound:

Primavera Sound is a music festival which has taken place in Barcelona since 2001. A mixture of rock, pop and underground dance music makes it an experience not to be missed by every generation. The extension of Primavera Sound is Primavera Club, an indoor version of the festival that takes place every autumn.


Typical Apartment

Due to the renovation culture in this area, the apartments we offer are bright, modern and recently refurbished with private terraces and even community swimming pools. The luxury apartments of this neighborhood offer spectacular sea views from their terraces and balconies.


Getting Around

Metro: Selva de Mar, El Maresme|Forum, Besòs Mar (All L4)
This area of Barcelona is easily accessible by car and by tram.
Distance to the Beach: 0.5km


A Brief History

Renovation of the area began in the late 1990s and is still ongoing today. This has been one of the most ambitious urban regeneration schemes, and also one of the most controversial as it is an obvious departure from Barcelona’s well-established urban model.


What the Experts Think

This is a new and upcoming area of Barcelona with more and more bars opening over time. It’s new, modern and expensive, so great if you’ve got the money, but for the moment there is little atmosphere compared to the rest of Barcelona.


Check out some of the other areas in Barcelona and begin your search, we have plenty of unique & different homes for you!

Latest apartments for rent In Diagonal-mar

Check out some of the other areas in Barcelona and begin your search, we have plenty of unique & different homes for you!

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