Eixample Esquerra is one of Barcelona’s most chic areas. The Eixample barrio as a whole is known to be safe and family friendly, but it is much more than that. Eixample Esquerra has the artistic flare and youthful creativity to breathe excitement and a sense of individuality into the wide avenues that surround the grand, comfortable buildings. The leafy grandeur of the area combined with its artisan credibility gives Eixample Esquerra its place among Barcelona’s most desirable areas to live.




Eixample Esquerra is a firmly middle class area, and its safety and greenery makes it popular among families. However, to limit its description solely to a zone of comfortable wealth would be unfair: there are many artistic types who work in the stylish shops or run the impressive selection of music bars. The area is also host to Barcelona’s largest gay community. No matter what, Eixamplers tend to be well-dressed.



Unique and Different

Parc de Joan Miró

The Joan Miró park is a site of relaxation for the residents of Esquerra Eixample. This place is simply a perfect square of green tranquility in the middle of one of Europe’s busiest cities. It contains a playground for children, ping pong tables and trees provide shade for picnickers. On one side of the park is a water fountain, and on the other is the Joan Miró library, blocking out some of the road noise and reminding visitors that they are in an area dedicated to relaxation.

Michelin Star Restaurants

Eixample Esquerra caters extremely well to its wealthier residents – as well as the boutique, upmarket stores, it is home to 7 michelin starred restaurants. Some of these specialise in traditional Catalan cuisine, while others serve international dishes. They are, of course, all of extremely high quality, and between them can cater to all tastes.


“Gaixample” is the name of Barcelona’s vibrant gay district, which is held in a rectangular area delineated by Carrer Balmes, the Gran Via, Carrer Urgell and Carrer Aragó. This is an area that is about having fun, and is a microcosmic depiction of the city’s attitude of openness and tolerance, which have come to define the city over the years.


Typical Apartment

Getting to and around Eixample EsquerraIn keeping with the barrio’s spacious, airy, and tree-lined streets, the apartments in Eixample Esquerra tend to be large, comfortable, and well-lit. The relative modernity of the buildings means that most have lifts and installations tend to be new and well-constructed. Therefore, the higher prices paid in this area tend to be worth it.

Getting Around

Transport in and around Eixample Esquerra is never a problem. Due to its wide, straight streets, driving is easy and fast, and the central location means that there is always a taxi nearby if needed. The area is bordered by metro lines L1 and L5, andalso served by buses.


A Brief History

“L’Eixample” translates literally to “The Expansion”, because it was the modernist expansion of the city in the late 19th and 20th century outwards from the old town. The result is the organised, clean grids of residences that stands there today.


What the Experts Think

Eixample Esquerra is a busy area and rich in old, beautiful flats. However, it is not the kind of area where you could casually go and explore a small plaza to find a coffee.



Check out some of the other areas in Barcelona and begin your search, we have plenty of unique & different homes for you!

Latest Apartments for Sale in Eixample-Esquerra

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Check out some of the other areas in Barcelona and begin your search, we have plenty of unique & different homes for you!


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