The NIE form. AKA the EX-15.

2. Getting a NIE

a ) What is a NIE?

The NIE, or Numero de Identificación de Extranjeros, is a document which permits the applicant (whether an EU citizen or not) to sell or buy a property in Spain, as well as other services: health, bank and finance transactions etc.
The Casamona team offers a management contract in which we help our clients with practical stuff, such as a NIE, in order to ease the process of integrating themselves in the Spanish system.

In order to obtain a NIE yourself you can choose one of the following options:


If you are already in Spain, you can show up in person at the Foreigners Office at the police station and stand in line for a NIE.

Address: Rambla de Guipuscoa 74 in Barcelona.

There are four steps in the application process for the NIE.

You need an appointment (cita previa) for the Oficina de Extranjeros. You can get this here. Click on ‘Barcelona’ then ‘Certificados EU’.

a. Fill a NIE application form (EX-15) that can be found here:

b. Here is a checklist of all items you will need to bring:
– Passport and copy of relevant pages.
– Address in Spain.
– Completed EX-15 form.
– €10,60 (NIE application fee).
– Document proving you need a NIE, can be any of the following:
+ a contract showing that you’re going to buy a property in Spain like real estate, car, etc.
+ employed: job contract from the Spanish company.
– You will need an original, stamped letter from the employer including: employee information, Company Name, Company Address, Company Tax ID number, Company Account Code, original signature and date (maximum 3 months). As it appears in Spanish: Datos del trabajador, Nombre de la empresa, Dirección de la empresa, CIF, Código de Cotización de la empresa (seguridad Social), Firma original and Fecha (Max 3 meses).
+ self-employed: a company ownership certificate.
+ persons with sufficient funds: proof that you can live in Spain without working.
+ students: acceptance letter from the school.
+ job seekers: you can go only with passport, but you will be issued a temporary NIE number valid only for 3 months.

For non-EU citizens, a proof of legal entry into Spain and two passport photos will be needed;

c. Assuming all your forms are correctly filled out and you have the correct documentation, you will be given a pay slip, which must be taken to a bank to pay for the associated taxes (this is around €10.60). Be aware, however, that many banks will only deal with this transaction between 8.30am and 10.30am, so be prepared to either get to the Foreigners’ Office early, or complete the process over two days. Once paid, you must take your stamped slip back to the office, where you will be able to process your NIE. You will be given your number, but will have to return in approximately one week to pick up the official paper.


At the Spanish embassy in your country;



In the case that you have a buyers agent contract, our team can help you with this process (cf : section 4.c)

Contact us at

Casamona team is always happy to help with any questions concerning these matters. 

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