Guidelines for Renting in Barcelona


Casamona will manage your flat for 1 year. The following services and conditions apply to long-term rentals.

SERVICES we provide (included in the management fee):

  • Arrange cleaning of the flat (the owner has to pay the cost of the cleaning into our account before it takes place).
  • Send specialists in to fix any small issues (this may be at an additional cost to the owner).
  • Organize the installation of internet/phone lines.
  • Assure that tenants comply with all the rental policies and procedures.
  • Supervision by Casamona staff of any maintenance or repair work that needs to take place (the landlord will have to pay the bill directly to the service provider) for a maximum of 20 hours in total-after this , we will charge a fee of 30 euros per hour .
  • Conduct inspections of the property on a periodic basis.
  • Advertise your flat both on our website and on our exclusive internet portals.
  • Check your tenants in and out of your flat. We will also keep a record of all the check-in’s that take place over the course of the year. A copy of the record will be given to you.
  • Upon check-in, we will do an inventory report which will include photos. These photos will be sent to the owner and the tenants.

CONDITIONS of the contract:

  • If you need us to keep your key in the Casamona office, we can do this.
  • The tenant will have 5 days to inform us of any problems with the flat after moving in (this should also be mentioned in the rental contract).
  • If the tenant does not pay the rent on time, we will intervene and communicate with the tenant on your behalf. However, if these negotiations are unsuccessful, we can recommend our lawyer, who will be paid for by the owner.
  • The tenant must pay the owner directly, therefore, the owner must inform Casamona if there is a delay in the transfer of the rent.
  • Casamona will do a check-in and check-out twice a year, and if you need more than that Casamona will charge you 50 euros each time.
  • If at any time the landlord violates these conditions, Casamona has the right to terminate the contract.
  • The contract fee is non-refundable.

Cost of the contract:

  • 1 years management will cost 500 euros + 21% VAT.
  • The amount can be paid by credit card on our website or by bank transfer.



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