How Culture Affects Interior Design

In the mist of Globalization, societies are becoming more diverse, ultimately changing the fabric of the community. For instance, when walking around Barcelona admiring the Modernisme or historical Catalan architecture, one will hear a variety of foreign languages. Much of this is attributed to the 1992 Olympics, which significantly increased Barcelona’s recognition as a global tourism destination.

As the tourism industry continues to boom in Barcelona, the local Catalan community has not abandoned their traditions, but instead, they have been able to brand the Catalan style of design. As a Danish company, Casamona has been successful in helping Scandinavians relocate and integrate into a foreign culture. Given the charming, idiosyncratic design, of a typical Catalan apartment, Casamona chooses to present its clients with a product that is relevant to the Scandinavian culture.

Depending on the culture that you identify with, your perception or appreciation of an apartment will be different. In fact, today this is evident in Casamona, as the majority of our clients are international. Moreover, a typical Catalan apartment will have a very different floor plan compared to what one will find in the United States or Scandinavia.

For example, in Barcelona many apartments on the surface appear to be rundown or jaded, however, if you take a closer look you will discover a piece of history with a tremendous amount of potential. For example, apartments that correspond with Catalan culture will incorporate hydraulic tiles, exposed brick walls, high vaulted ceilings and original wooden features. Whereas in the United States or Scandinavia almost all apartments have a large open floor plan, and modern finishes. However, there is a lack of character or originality.

With these differences in mind, it becomes clear that different cultures play a role in acquiring an apartment. As an international real estate company mainly focusing on international clients, it’s our job to know what our clients are looking for and what appeals to them – factors that most certainly change depending on the culture of the client.

Finally, Casamona has experience bringing together cultural differences by exposing individuals to a wide variety of different apartments appealing to different traditions.

Renovate to fit your style and habits

We found an apartment with a perfect view over the sea on Passeig de Joan de Borbó . The location and the view were both perfect, but the property was in bad shape. It had a small kitchen, two large bedrooms, a living room and a single bathroom.

We bought the place and made a plan for a complete renovation. This included taking down all the walls and making new rooms that all would have a view and light entering. We made two small bedrooms and two smaller bathrooms making room for an open kitchen and living room. We put in new, bigger windows in the entire apartment which makes it seem a lot bigger than its 60m2.
The unique thing about this particular apartment is how we divided it into 3 parts that can be closed off or opened, the kitchen and living room being one part and the two bedrooms with a bathroom each being the two others. Today the apartment is worth 50% more than before we renovated it.


Pictures before the renovation

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300-089011-09n 300-089011-08n 300-089011-10n


Pictures from when we started renovating the apartment

IMG_0031 IMG_0025


Pictures after the renovation

IMG_0611 IMG_0575
IMG_0606 IMG_0596
IMG_0593 IMG_0591 IMG_0590
IMG_0583 IMG_0570 IMG_0566