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Increase your revenue with small investments

March 29, 2016No Comments
Written by Katrine Koldsø Pedersen in Interior Design

There are numerous of ways to increase one’s revenue when selling an apartment but one of the easiest and sadly often unknown or forgotten ways is to invest in the interior design of the apartment. At Casamona we have had a lot of success selling apartments at a higher price by having our owners invest in interior design. All it takes is small changes in how the apartment is presented. If you are aware of the furniture and the colors and how these things affect the buyer’s impression of the apartment you can increase the originally selling price with up to 10-20%


One of Casamona’s ‘Ugly Ducklings’1

For about a year Casamona tried selling a small and well-located apartment of 32m2 in the beautiful beach-area Barceloneta. It was a bright, 5th floor apartment with a long balcony and a view over the sea. Despite these features it was a struggle to sell the apartment for the price of 224.000 euros. After a year with a lot of buyers offering to pay 20.000 euros less than the originally price we urged the owner to invest a small amount of money in interior design, in order to up the chances of selling the apartment for 224.000 euros.


It payed of

Our interior designer Ulla Monberg took a look at the apartment and came to the conclusion that; all the apartment really needed was a bedroom and some charm. The owner decided therefor to invest 3000 euros in order to make the apartment more presentable to buyers plus 10 euros for fresh and blooming flowers whenever there was a showing. After having added some furniture, a cute tablecloth, some curtains and bright colors to the apartment 1 tenant and 3 buyers became interested. One of them where even willing to pay more than the 224.000 euros.


The apartment was sold for 224.000 euros to the first bidder only a month after the make-over.


An overview

Before make-over                    After make-over

Price: 224.000                         Price: 224.000

Buyers: 0                                  Buyers: 3

Offers: 200.000                       Sold for: 224.000

On the market: 1 year              On the market: 1 month

Pictures before


Pictures after

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1The Ugly Duckling is one of H.C Andersen’s famous fairy tales. It is about an ugly duckling that no one wants but as the story evolves the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan.




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