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Intern in Barcelona at Casamona International
November 11, 2016No Comments
Written by Sascha Vittrup Rasmussen in Interns at Casamona

Intern in Barcelona: A day at the Casamona office


Ever wondered what it is like being an intern in Barcelona, the sunny capital of Catalonia? Then you have come to the right place! Here you can read about a day as a Casamona intern.


Morning meeting

Every day starts with a morning meeting. Here the whole team gets together to get updates from the different departments. We talk about the plans for the day, and if anyone needs help with a task, the morning meeting is the perfect place to sort this out.


Time to work!

After the morning meeting, it is time to start working! The marketing team starts updating and checking the website and housing portals to make sure that everything works flawlessly. The team will also make updates on social media platforms and write blog posts for the Casamona blog. Also, if close to the end of a week, the marketing interns will start working on the weekly “Friday presentation”. The presentation covers everything from website and sales/rental statistics to general news from Casamona.

The rental team will start answering emails from clients and maybe go on a visit in of the apartments Casamona is renting out. However, rental agents oversee their own schedule, so the tasks vary from day to day!


Lunch time

Intern in Barcelona

Casamona interns in November 2016

Finally, it is time for lunch! This is probably the interns’ favorite part of the day. The Casamona office is located in Barceloneta, which is home to a lot of great lunch places – authentic street food, an amazing bakery, and a delicious Italian pizza place. The difficult part is to choose! The team usually goes together in groups to buy lunch and bring the food back to the office. It is a nice break in the middle of the day to relax and enjoy each other’s company! However, there are also days where the lunch break is a bit fancier! This is when the whole team goes to a restaurant to celebrate the sale of an apartment!


Back to work

After lunch, it is time to get back to work! In the afternoon, the rental team keeps talking to clients or maybe start looking for new apartments for sale or rent. If a new apartment is found, the rental team writes a catchy description for the apartment and upload it to the website.

In the afternoon, the marketing interns focus on different tasks that differ from week to week. It can be
developing a new flyer, making a video for Casamona’s YouTube channel, or maybe translating website content into the interns’ native languages. However, interns at Casamona are given a lot of freedom to come up with new ideas! So, if anyone has a new idea, the team will start working on that!


Why become a Casamona intern?

Being an intern at Casamona is a great experience! You will become part of a young and enthusiastic team in a great atmosphere. The team is very international, so apart from learning a lot, you also have the opportunity of making new friends from all over the world!


Are you thinking of becoming an intern in Barcelona?

Then you should definitely consider applying for an internship at Casamona! Send your CV and cover letter (in English) to We look forward to hearing from you!



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