Gracia is a district of Barcelona situated between Eixample, Sarria – Sant Gervazi and Horta-Guinardo.
Gracia is a smaller area which radiates hippy vibes and is not so popular for crowds of tourists, despite its eclectic and artistic character. Gracia is a destination for many artists and bohemian people from all over the world. It is also popular among families and elderly people, resulting in a true sense of community.
Gracia is almost a city within itself, with a strong sense of Catalan culture and a certain distance from the tourists which fill the streets of the centre of Barcelona.

Do you want to live in a very bohemian area? Calle Verde with organic food stores and many smaller antique furniture stores… and movie theaters in the original languages… Also Gracia is known for the yearly festival where each street are competing about having the most creative decorations.


(Photography: Alexandre López – Flickr)


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Unique & Different

Fiesta Major de Gracia:

One of the most well known festivals in Barcelona is held here every year in August for five days. It’s called Fiesta Major de Gracia, and it consists of local residents competing in street decoration. There are celebrations and entertainment everywhere, especially in the night, including street bars, live music and interactive art displays.



Parc Guell:

Parc Guell is one of Barcelona’s key tourist attractions, and for a good reason too. It is one of Gaudi’s most major works and consists of public gardens and architectural exhibits. Alongside the beautiful works of art within this iconic landmark, the views of the city and the coastline are remarkable. Taking a stroll in the park’s gardens doesn’t mean a struggle against a mass of tourists, but actually offers a surprisingly peaceful escape from the bustle of the streets.



Local Culture:

If you live in Gracia you shouldn’t miss going to the “Lliure Theatre” where you will enjoy high quality performances, which are sometimes in English too. Another cultural gem is “Sala Beckett” a theatre with mainly dramatic performances where they also offer intense programs of education, training and seminars. The “Centre Artesa Tradicionarious” ( CAT ) is also located in Gracia, where concerts, workshops and other performances are held. Lastly, the “Davis Lisboa” museum of contemporary art is worth visiting. It is the smallest museum of contemporary art in the world.


Typical Apartment in Gracia

In Gracia you will find elegant yet bohemian apartments designed with real taste. There are many recent buildings contrary to other areas like Born, or Gotico. In general, apartments are spacious and bright while some of them still have the Catalan architecture with high ceilings and wooden beams. Although there are some later buildings from the ‘70s, they have a nice view because of the higher location. Casamona mainly offers the bohemian and cosy apartments.


Getting to and around Gracia

Metro: Fontana (L3), Lesseps (L3), Gracia (L6, L7)
Metro del Vallès (commuter rail system): Lines S1, S2, S5 and S55
Distance to the Beach: 4.5km


A Brief History

Gracia was founded in the 17th century and remained a separate village from the city itself for over two centuries. When the Eixample district was constructed, it bridged the gap between the Old Town of Barcelona and Gracia. Because of this, Gracia is more similar to the older districts of the city than to its neighboring area, Eixample.




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