Les Corts is a district which has the best of both worlds; it is a safe, residential and business-orientated area, very well-connected to the central city, yet avoids the main bustle of the centre. With high-rise buildings and offices scattered along the streets, Les Corts is undoubtedly the business hub of the city.
Furthermore, the presence of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia means that there is a fun and lively atmosphere during the day, with professionals and students gathering for the lunch-time rush. However, unlike in the city centre, the area is more peaceful in the evenings when the workers and students return home, making for a calm, residential neighborhood.




The presence of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia means that there is a fun and lively atmosphere during the day, with professionals and students gathering for the lunch-time rush.This area is reasonably affluent, so it is home to the middle-class.



Unique & Different

Camp Nou:

The first thing that people normally associate with the Les Corts district of Barcelona is the hugely famous Camp Nou stadium, home to FC Barcelona. Undeniably an amazing attraction, with the great atmosphere from sports fans from all around the world; it is the central point of the neighbourhood. Home to Football Club Barcelona since 1957, this stadium can seat 99,786 people, making it the largest in Europe in terms of capacity. Aside from attending matches, you are able to go on self-guided tours that allow a sneak peek behind the scenes with access to the changing rooms, dug-outs, director’s box and of course, the pitch.

Museo del Fútbol Club Barcelona:

First opened in 1984, its restructuring in 2000 saw the museum split into 3 sections, with a 3D cinema,audiovisual touchscreen and information on the history of FC Barcelona. One of the items at display in the Futbolart Collection is the boots with which Ronald Koeman scored the winning goal in the 1992 European Cup Final. The museum attracts 1.2 million visitors a year, ranking at the second most visited museum in the whole of Barcelona, only surpassed by the Picasso Museum. For more information click here.
(Photography: Jonathan Vitela – Flickr)

Parc de Cervantes:

In the Pedralbes neighbourhood of Les Corts, just north of Avinguda Diagonal, is located the Parc de Cervantes. An image of lush greenery and colour in a landscaped area covering some 9 hectares, this park is famous for its flowers, especially for its roses. The beautiful collections it hosts are displayed along a unique botanical trail, with varieties from every continent of the world.



Typical Apartment

Les Corts, being one of the most affluent areas of Barcelona, has a variety of apartments, both traditional and modern, which are primly located for those studying and those working in the business sector of the city. The majority of apartments are bright with access to terraces, both shared and private.



Getting to and around Les Corts

Metro: the L3 (green line) runs through the length of the district, allowing easy travel within the immediate area and to the rest of the city
Tram: Avinguda Diagonal is home to a tramline which runs into the western outskirts of the city
Distance to the Beach: 6km



A Brief History

Les Corts was created in 1897 from two former municipalities, but remains the district with the lowest population in Barcelona. The name is derived from the Latin cohors, cohortes, meaning ‘rural houses’, referring to the Roman villas which characterized the area prior to the 20th century urbanization of the area.



What the Experts Think

This is a lovely pueblo with many small, atmospheric plazas. However, it is a quieter and more residential area of Barcelona – but, not to worry! It is very well connected to the city centre to satisfy you need for a fiesta.



Latest Apartments for Rent in Les-Corts

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