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To do in Barcelona:

New Ferryboat Directly to Sitges from Barcelona

June 8, 2016No Comments
Written by Katrine Koldsø Pedersen in To do in Barcelona

Escaping the craziness of Barcelona and its tourism boom is sometimes necessary for those of us living in the city. Luckily we are surrounded by beautiful and interesting coast cities, which offers a lot of opportunities for daytrips and getaways. I have previously recommended a weekend trip to Cadaqués, this time I intend to convince you guys about taking a trip to the coast city Sitges, south of Barcelona. A city close enough to be the perfect excursion.

Now you might think “Why Sitges?” and I shall tell you why. Just recently a new ferry company has established a direct route from Barcelona to Sitges – and back again. And what better way to enjoy both journey and destination than to travel by sea?


Bluemar Ferries

With Bluemar ferries you can sit down, relax and enjoy the journey to one of Spain’s most vibrant coast cities without getting stressed about taking the right train and worrying about buying the wrong ticket. All you have to do is go to Port Vell in Barcelona, step on board and the crew will take you to Port de I’Aiguadolc in Sitges. During the journey, which is less than an hour, you can enjoy a drink and a snack from the bar while you appreciate the view of the Mediterranean from both the lower and upper decks.


Tickets for everyone

Traveling to Sitges with Bluemar ferries is possible for everyone regardless of age, disabilities and number of people. The ferry has 300 seats in total, some of which are made specifically for passengers with reduced mobility, there are bathrooms also adapted for disabled passengers, and a changing area for parents bringing their babies and children.

The prices of the tickets vary depending on whether you are buying a one-way or a roundtrip ticket. Furthermore, there are some favourable discounts when it comes to age, disabilities and residency. AND, no matter which category you find yourself in, there is always something to be gained by buying the roundtrip ticket when traveling both ways anyway. Take a further look at the prices here or on their website.


One WayRound Trip
General20 EurosGeneral29 euros
Children(3-12 years old)13 EurosChildren(3-12 years old)20,30 Euros
Children under 3 years oldFreeChildren under 3 years oldFree
Poeple with special needs13,60 EurosPoeple with special needs23,20 Euros
Seniors (+60)15 Euros
Commuters (Prov.BCN)17 EurosCommuters (Prov.BCN)24,65 Euros
Groups (From 10 to 25 persons)18 EurosGroups (From 10 to 25 persons)26,10


The ferryboat has different timetables; these you can find on the website as well.
Click here, start planning and buy your tickets today.


A Short Introduction to Sitges

The city Sitges, which is known worldwide for its film festival and Carnival, is an international city just as Barcelona with expats mainly from the Netherlands, UK, France and Scandinavia. Here you can visit different museums, go to the beach and enjoy the beautiful architecture which dates back to the time when Sitges was a summer resort for the Sitgetan-Americanos. Sitges is a town for everyone. Families, culture-interested people, students, food lovers and the LGBT+ community. Sitges offers everything from different festivals throughout the year to playgrounds and fine sea food cuisine. There is no reason not to visit this beautiful city only 35 kilometers from Barcelona.

Read more about what to do in Sitges here



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