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Barceloneta is Transforming, Like it or Not

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August 11, 2015No Comments
Written by Tine Mathiassen in

It appears all the effort Barceloneta residents have put in to eradicate the growing tourist culture has been done in vain. With Barcelona council member Ricard Gomà supporting plans to open a luxury hotel in the area we can not help but ask, should Barceloneta locals just accept the inevitable gentrification of their area?

Despite hundreds of locals congregating in protest of illegal tourist flats, the government continues to advocate the tourist industry with the building of luxury hotels as well as a brand new fishing port in the hope of creating the ‘New Cannes’. It is possible to argue that giving Barceloneta a ‘bourgeois’ makeover may lead to the disappearance of its unique essence, furthermore many locals worry about the indirect effect it would have on the cost of living and rent in the area.

In the place of rustic bakeries and food markets would be generic tourist shops, coffee houses and ‘trendy’ vegan delis. Barceloneta would succumb to the gentrification which has already taken hold of neighbourhoods in London, New York and Paris. On the plus side, giving the area a luxury renovation would open it up to a whole new market, drawing in wealthier tourists and their wallets…

Here at Casamona, we’re monitoring the property market intently and expecting the price of apartments to rise very soon.

Source: La Vanguardia: News

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