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National Day of Catalonia

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August 11, 2015No Comments
Written by Tine Mathiassen in

If you’re currently walking through the streets of Barcelona and wondering why most places are closed, it is because today is the National Day of Catalonia. This public holiday marks the anniversary of the siege of Barcelona by the Bourbon forces ending in the defeat of Catalonia on 11 September 1714 in the War of the Spanish Succession.

The Catalan troops had been fighting for Catalonia’s freedom which for them went hand in hand with the Habsburg Dynasty’s claim to the Spanish throne. Their opposition however was the Bourbon King, Philip V of Spain, who after 14 months succeeded in the Siege of Barcelona, which meant the loss of the Catalan Constitutions and subsequently the loss of their freedom.

First celebrated in 1886, this day became a pivotal part of the annual Catalonian calendar, however was unfortunately supressed under the dictatorship of Franco from 1939. At last in 1980 it was reinstated by the Generalitat de Catalunya. On this day, you will find floral offerings lain at the monuments of leaders who fought against king Philip V of Spain. You may even see demonstrations in remembrance of all those who died in their fight for Catalonia’s freedom.

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