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Old Town Protests: The Battle Continues

August 6, 2015No Comments
Written by Tine Mathiassen in

The residents of Barceloneta have been very present in Spanish news is recent weeks and now it appears that the other districts of Old Town are also joining in the act. Residents of el Raval, el Gotico and la Ribera congregated in Sant Jaume square last Saturday in an attempt to bring attention to growing tourist problem in the area.

“Barcelona is not for sale” is one of the many slogans written on the locals’ placards. Similarly to their Barceloneta neighbours, the Old Town resident’s main complaint is the ever-growing and encompassing tourism that is affecting their every-day lives. The protestors will tell you that barely a day passes without an incident of noise, crime or anti-social behaviour being reported.

Furthermore, the tourist apartment trade has had a debilitating effect on the local property market. The rising cost of living as well as rent has left many residents feeling isolated from their own neighbourhood, one citizen of Plaza del Pi stated that “neighbours are an endangered species here”.

The protestors along with the local council propose tighter penalties to those letting tourist apartments illegally. Their main objective is to restore the real estate market as a traditional private commerce.

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Source: El Periodico: News



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