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To do in Barcelona:

Stay 2 nights on a wine farm in Priorat

September 30, 2016No Comments
Written by Christina Assorian in To do in Barcelona

Barcelona has an exceptional beauty. It combines the beautiful Mediterranean sea and several amazing mountains. When you live in Barcelona you never get fed up of this city and it’s magical nights. On the other hand, its surrounding areas should also be explored as they equally offer lots.


Visit Priorat

Visit Priorat

So if you want to something new to experience for a few days in a winery area, Priorat is definitely the right place.

Only 90 minutes by car from Barcelona, you can reach one of the most peaceful places. Priorat is a small paradise on earth, where you can enjoy nature and wine just in the middle of the city. Wondering why it’s in the middle of city? It’s because in the old days, the owners were afraid someone would steal their wine, so winery owners decided to stay in the city.

Visit Priorat
If you are interested in how they make olive oil, you can also visit olive oil producers. The people there are very friendly and nice. We have been guided by an old farmer who showed us around in his old truck.

The farmer has been there for many years and is an expert in the industry. He explained why the oil of Priorat is so special – it is 100% natural and is of the highest quality. He also shared with us his fears of mass production and hopes that Priorat can keep up and stay natural. Today the commercial interest is growing, and the area will get more popular in the next years.


So here are some recommended places to go to:


Priorat wine farm
Gratallops is just 25 minutes from Priorat. It had to be on the top of the list, because this area produces about 70% of all Priorat’s wine. Clos Figueras is a cute little winery where you can stay and also have meals. They only serve their own wine but the wine is so good! Trossos del Priorat looks very Scandinavian and is 10 min outside the small city by walk. Only breakfast is served but there are so many other places you can walk or drive to to get a good meal. Buil & Giné is right by it and also beautiful. They have amazing dinners where there own wine is served. The area is densely packed with a lot of wineries that you can actually walk from winery to winery.
There are a lot of undiscovered places near Barcelona, one of these areas is Priorat. But now you know about this place, so hurry up and discover it while the area is still “real” and undiscovered by others.

Written by Tine Mathiassen & Christina Assorian



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