Bordered by Poble Nou, El Born and Barceloneta, Vila Olimpica combines the buzz of a cosmopolitan city with a relaxing sea-side feel.  On the coast you will find the Port Olympic, a well established, emblematic area of Barcelona, built primarily for the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. It forms a key part of the Olympic Village’s attractive sea front, established in the heart of Barcelona’s maritime zone. You can also find both universities, Residencia Campus del Mar and Pompeu Fabra University within the region. This makes Villa Olimpica an ideal spot for students searching for accommodation, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of living close to the university as well as the surrounding attractions and the beach on their doorstep.


Within close proximity are the campuses for 2 universities, therefore, you could expect to live around some students. It is a residential district surrounded by amenities given its past as the home to athletes during the 1992 Olympics.


Unique & Different

The area is surrounded by a wealth of greenery. With the Parc de Carles I, Parc de la Ciutatella and Parc de l’Estacio de Nord all within walking distance, you can enjoy a peaceful and impressively scenic stroll, or even a row, after a busy day. At the Parc de la Cuitatella there is even a zoo, perfect for families!

The Beach

Such proximity to Barceloneta means one thing: relaxing days spent at the beach. Barceloneta is a self- contained sea-side area, composed of highly-rated restaurants, shops and bars, and of course renowned for its beach lifestyle. Living in Villa Olimpica allows for a quieter residence but is only a short walk from total immersion in this vibrant atmosphere.

If you prefer something a little more active than relaxing on the beach, Vila Olimpica offers a variety of water activities, such as paddle boarding. Paddleboards are available to rent from a variety of places along the beachfront. If you want to escape the busy beach-goers, Vila Olimpica is the centre of yachting and sailing clubs, where you can rent a boat or a yacht and explore Barcelona’s golden coastline.

Vila Olimpica is home to a buzzing nightlife. There are various nightclubs such as Opium which stretches out onto the beach. It is, however, a big tourist attraction so unfortunately it’s is a prime spot for pick-pocketing.



Typical Apartment

Vila Olimpica boasts a variety of up-to-date and modern apartments, many with access to pools and sea views from balconies. Due to the proximity to universities, it is a prime area for students to live, and the nearby beaches are a bonus. Many buildings are built like a square with a swimming pool in the middle. An amazing place for a family who wants a space where the children can play.


Getting Around

Metro: Ciutadella|Vila Olimpica (L4), Bogatell (L4), Marina (L1)
Distance to the Beach: 0km



A Brief History

The Vila Olimpica was constructed in the late 1980s and 1990s for the 1992 Summer Olympic Games which took place in Barcelona. It was constructed as a residential area in the otherwise industrial and working-class district of Poble Nou.



What the Experts Think

This is a modern area given its renovation for the Olympic Games. It is still quite conservative and not very touristic but still benefits from the beaches.



Latest apartments for sale in Vila Olimpica

Latest apartments for rent In Vila Olimpica

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