As a Danish company, we bring our own Scandinavian value to a Spanish setting.

Casamona International founded in 2004 and is now the leading Real Estate company located in the heart of Barcelona, offering unique and different services! It is characterised by providing an excellent service with a personal touch to our customers. At Casamona, we would only offer unique properties of the highest quality, those that we would also like to live in ourselves! Apartments with terraces, with views , with unique features , with lots of lights , by the beach, in the Gotic area, in El born etc. Apartments for sale and rent who has something special to offer.

Our offer

Currently, we are providing services in the following areas:
Long-Term Rentals
Short-Term Holiday Rentals

In our portfolio, you will find a superb range of properties for sale and rent; each property offers something special, whether it is a sunny balcony, private terrace, amazing views, a lot of light or a great location. Many have been beautifully renovated and offer something truly unique and different. In addition, we are also offering big buildings for sale.

The short-term holiday rentals are really beautiful flats in the most gorgeous areas in Barcelona. We also offer Holiday rentals in Barcelona, Madrid, Sitges, Paris, Sevilla, Granada, Mallorca, Rome, London and more through our sister company Casamona Holidays.

Extra services

Investment: We can help you make the right investment not only in Barcelona but also in Medellín, Colombia and California, USA. All of these destinations have lots of potential and you can work directly with us or our sister company.

Golden Visa: We’ve been noticing an increasing trend in foreign investors buying properties in Barcelona in return for a Spanish residency permit. We have lots of apartments that meet the requirements for the Golden Visa and we’re more than happy to assist you in this process.

For prospective owners

As we are confident in our service, our contract will not bear any exclusivity, which allows you to work with other agencies if you need. Also, we aim to give you security in working with us by being transparent in every transaction process.

We have a global client pool, most of whom come from Scandinavian countries, with various needs ranging from short-term rental, long-term rental to sales. With Casamona, we guarantee that you will have a smooth process from start to finish with trustworthy tenants.

If you have properties for sale or rent, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

For prospective clients

We are currently offering more than 300 unique flats and buildings of the best quality; most of them are located right in the central area of Barcelona. All of our properties have excellent location and a cozy atmosphere that would make you feel at home in an instant.

We understand credibility is your greatest concern. At Casamona, we make sure that all of our property owners are real and trustworthy. At the same time, we aim to give you security in working with us by being transparent in every transaction process.

Please check out our buying and renting process for more detailed information.

Who are we?

Casamona was founded in 2004 by Tine Mathiassen and Anette Kragdahl from Denmark. On arrival to Barcelona, they began looking for a nice apartment but became caught in the net that was Barcelona’s Real Estate market: hundreds of Real Estate agencies providing a poor variety of service with many unattractive houses.

Tine and Anette decided that something needed to be done! This is the reason why in 2004 they launched Casamona, meaning ‘cosy house’ – a Real Estate company with an edge, providing a friendly but professional tailored service to both clients and property owners. At Casamona International, we have worked hard to earn our reputation of excellence and we work hard every single day to keep it.

Over the years, the Casamona concept has developed, so that now in 2017, we have a large team from all around the world who are dedicated to helping you find your dream home! Click here to get to know our amazing team!

To find out more about Casamona or any of the properties we have to offer, send an e-mail to or give us a call on: +34 933 041 532 , where a member of our team will be more than happy to help you!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Casamona loves these apartments for sale

Casamona loves these apartments for rent


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