5 Best Places to Live in Barcelona


5 Best Places to Live in Barcelona

Barcelona is a fantastic city to live in with many international people, restaurants and sites to see! The city is full of attractions and architectural landmarks renowned across the world.  We love this city, so here is a list of where we think are the best places to live in Barcelona.

Finding a safe and fun neighborhood in a new city can be difficult. Read through this list and get a clearer idea of the city’s areas, then head to our website for the various properties up for rent or sale. Here are the 5 of the best places to live in Barcelona according to Casamona:


1. Gracia

5 best places to live in Barcelona

Street in Gracia

One of the 5 best places to live in Barcelona is Gracia, known for its narrow and winding streets. Gracia is one stop away from Passeig de Gracia, one of the main avenues in Barcelona. Garcia is an artistic and trendy neighbourhood with many restaurants and cozy cafes.

This neighbourhood hosts an annual festival in August for 5 days. Locals compete in major street decoration (and take it very seriously). In the evening, there are drink stalls and stages featuring live music — you are bound to enjoy its merry atmosphere. Moreover, Gracia is an area that has everything you need, with its beautiful architecture and numerous artsy boutiques and traditional Spanish shops. You can travel to the centre of Barcelona by metro in under 10 minutes.

For more information about Gracia visit this page!

2. Barceloneta

Barceloneta beach

Barcelona beach.

Secondly, Barceloneta is another great place to live. We love it for its unique character and proximity to the beach. Port vell is on one side with the sandy beaches on the other side. Naturally, Barceloneta offers beautiful views of the sea and various large boats that are beautiful to sail in the nice weather. The streets are narrow and rectilinear, filled with bars, shops and restaurants. You will see locals and tourists sitting in their chairs, clothes hanging out to dry on the narrow balconies. Essentially, houses are low and small so not to obstruct the outstanding views of the city.

In addition, around the outside of Barceloneta there are numerous high quality seafood restaurants. Port Vell warehouse has been transformed into a history museum with exhibits interpreting 3,000 years of Catalan history. Furthermore, Barceloneta also offers a cable car service which allows you to see best views of the city. This trendy neighbourhood has the baronial train station ‘Estacio de francia’ and a metro.

If you want to have more information about Barceloneta you should read our page dedicated to it!

3. Gothic Quarter

Plaza Real Barcelona

Plaza Real in el Gotico

One of the best things about the Gothic Quarter (Gotico) are the narrow medieval streets that can be endlessly explored. Gotico offers many trendy bars, clubs and traditional Catalan restaurants. Indeed, back in the day, it was a Roman village, and is the oldest part of the city with culture to see and feel everywhere you go. Also, there are many peaceful squares where you can sit back and enjoy surroundings of this medieval-styled neighbourhood. There is a well-known cathedral situated in the Gothic Quarter called the ‘Leon Cathedral’, and it is well worth a visit!

This neighbourhood is a mix of old and new with small and narrow streets. Therefore, a person who decides to live here will never have to worry about finding nightclubs or trendy bars, because there will always be somewhere to go in this area. It is a cultural hub of the city that suits every type of traveller.

For more information about the Gotic Quarter visit this page in our webiste!

4. Eixample

Eixample's streets

Eixample’s streets

Casamona’s fourth pick is Eixample, an area split into two sections, the right (dreta) and left (esquerra) sides. This elegant neighbourhood offers beautiful architecture and is a very trendy area. Eixample translates to expansion and was a new area of the city developed in the late 19th and early 20th century. This neighbourhood is known for high-end shops, art galleries and modern architecture. Furthermore, it has an orderly modernist grid system and does not have winding narrow streets like the others. It is a well connected and a residential area, and suits individuals wanting to avoid the noisy areas.

Additionally, Eixample offers Michelin quality restaurants, so make sure to check the prices if you are on a budget! It is also one of best neighbourhood for tapas! Although there are not many nightclubs, there are nice, small bars where you can get great cocktails. Passeig de gracia is the heart of Eixample and it cuts through Eixample Dreta and Eixample Esquerra.

You can also find more information here!

5. El Poblenou


Skyline of Poblenou with the Agbar tower.

Poblenou means ‘new town’ in English. There was an intense transformation in recent years, making it even more spectacular. Warehouses and old factories have become new modern office buildings, lofts and art galleries. Also, Poblenou is located in the district of Sant Marti. This beautiful business area is now a hot bed for creative business ideas. Its renovation has attracted many new residents and businesses.

Moreover, it has various parks and green areas were you can sit back and relax called Parc del centre del Poblenou and Jardins de Gandhi. Additionally, if you take the metro, it is only 10 minutes from the city centre. Poblenou offers a variety of different things, such as, a language schools where you can improve or learn Catalan and/or Spanish, a public library and a Muncipal Bogatell Sport Coplex.


We hope you like Casamona’s list of the 5 best places to live in Barcelona. It is a beautiful city with so much to offer! Visit the Casamona website for help on finding a home.

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