6 Amazing Beaches Near Barcelona For A Day Trip


6 Amazing Beaches Near Barcelona For A Day Trip

With 7 main beaches and over 4.5 km of coastline, beach lovers are completely at their place in Barcelona. However, the region of Catalonia is full of amazing coastline and scenic beaches. Are you looking for amazing spots to explore outside the city and do you love the beach? We’ve gathered 6 beaches near Barcelona perfect for a day trip! Casamona invites you to read about our top picks and go explore Catalonia for yourself.

1. Sitges

Sitges is located approximately 35 kilometers outside of Barcelona, which is still very near. The city is well known for its Film Festival that has been held there every October since 1967. Another great event is the yearly Carnaval, a week full of colorful parades and festivities. On any other day, the coastal town is perfect for a day at the beach. It is nice beaches, promenade and many restaurants that make Sitges so enjoyable. Also, the nightlife is quite infamous as there are many gay bars and nightclubs. The easiest way to get from Barcelona to Sitges will probably be by train, the C2 train travels from Passeig de Gràcia to Sants and then to Sitges. A round trip will cost you €7,20.

2. Sant Feliu de Ciuxols

Only about one hour away from the city lies the lovely old town of Sant Feliu de Cuixols. It is amazing that near Barcelona you can find such a lovely beach, a marina and old town it is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway. Furthermore, there are many activities available like horse riding, hiking, water sports, etc. But if you are more in the mood to relax, there is nothing in your way.

3.  Castelldefels

Located about just 20 km southwest from Barcelona, Castelldefels is famous for its long beach (over 5 km). Another great landmark in the area is the Gavà Mines, also known as Can Tintorer Mines. This prehistoric archeological site is among the largest and oldest in Europe. The R2S Train will take you there in only 25 minutes.

4. Camino de Ronda

This Hike trail along the coast takes you along the little coves and hidden beaches of the Costa Brava near Barcelona. Not only is the trail interesting for the coastline, but also tiny fishing villages and inland landscapes catch the eye. There are multiple hiking trails to choose from depending on the length. Take a look at the Cami de Ronda website and plan your hike. 

5. Tossa de Mar

Located between Barcelona and the French border, this city does its name justice and its main attraction is the sea. A beautiful combination of scenic beaches and hilltop castle ruins with seaside views. By train, you can reach the city in about 2,5 hours or if you have a car for about 1,5 hours.

Mataró Beach, photo by BeachRex

6. Mataró

Mataró’s significant marina and beach are some of the main attractions found in the beautiful coastal town only 30 kilometers away from Barcelona. The city offers many different activities such as different archaeological sites and museums as well as waterparks and obstacle courses and zip-lining in the forest. Mataró is easily accessible by train and it takes about 40 minutes to get there.

Catalonia is a truly unique region that combines beaches and history. Even though the beaches are perfect to spend the entire day at, these spots offer so much more. Whether you enjoy relaxing at a sunset terrace on the boulevard, archaeological sights or a picnic along the coastline. These day trips offer something for everyone. If you fancy experiencing Barcelona like a true local upon your return, be sure to read our recent blog. For now, it’s time to pack up your swimwear and explore these amazing beaches all within reach of Barcelona.

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