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Barcelona Floorings and Tiles | Casamona International

Looking upwards admiring the beautiful architectural buildings is common when you walk through the charming streets of Barcelona, but it is now time to look down. These apartments with well-kept original features such as original tiles and ceilings are very popular  in the Barcelonian property market. The restored flooring and tiles have become one of the most characteristic elements of Barcelona’s admired Art Nouveau apartments.

Modern architecture and Art Nouveau

Strolling around Barcelona today will lead you to lots of houses built in a modernist style. This started to become very relevant during the Catalan Modernism. Before the industrial revolution in the 19th century, floors in Barcelona were simple in an old Catalan style and most of them were covered with carpets. Factory owners required their apartments to look like palaces. Therefore they hired local modernist architects to modernise their properties. The carpet design was being transferred directly to the floor which still dominates many properties around the city today.

Floorings and tiles in apartments

Floorings and tiles are common in renewed apartments and properties to keep the original spirit. While white walls, renovated bathrooms and modern kitchens facilitate exiting modern living environments, tile flooring and bricks recall personalities and stories from the past. Beautiful contrasts are being created, which makes apartments more cosy and nevertheless more attractive to live in. At Casamona International we have following apartments for sale in this style:

Impressive and Spacious Apartment with Original Flooring

Modern Apartment with lot of Character 

Extravagant Apartment in Eixample

Beautiful Apartment with Terrace 

Flat renovation in Eixample, Barcelona

Located in Barcelona’s Eixample district, this recently renovated apartment has become a flowing space, created by neutral whites and greys, brick walls and restored floorings in a lively contrast. To draw attention to the traditional tiled floors, natural light penetration has been improved. Moreover,  the entire apartment is painted in light colours to highlight the contrasts. The tiling reveals the original layout of the apartment and underlines the different dimensions in the rooms. By remaining the original tiles, the essential features of art nouveau becomes dominant.



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