Beautiful and spacious apartment in Barcelona | Casamona International

Beautiful and spacious apartment in Barcelona | Casamona International

The area:

This beautiful and spacious apartment  in Barcelona is on Calle Ample. This is in the perfect location on the street behind the scenic Passeig de Colom and right near the luxurious Soho House Barcelona. Moreover, it’s a short walk away from the iconic harbour at Barceloneta. It also boasts the luxury of overlooking an interior courtyard and terrace views of the Parróquia Santa Maria. It is often said that you can get to know a city by its people, the tourist attractions, its weather and its food. However,  many people who has visited Barcelona could  agree that you are immediately drawn to its complex beauty in every street.

Beautiful and spacious apartment in Barcelona:

This unique apartment has five spacious bedrooms. This includes the main bedroom that has a grand walk-in wardrobe and an original en-suite. There is also two modern guest bathrooms and a main bathroom. The vast space throughout this 224m2 property would undoubtedly appeal to families or couples. There are many  exciting features in this property. One is the impressive use of traditional and original tiles in all of the rooms. Tiles in Spain have gained a worldwide reputation for some of the most brilliant and colourful combinations. The tiles in every room remain in an immaculate condition and allow the light to bounce off them. The brightness throughout the property is another enticing aspect as every room is full of light. It also has a luxurious dining room connected to the enormous reception room. These would be perfect for entertaining guests or to simply relax, sit back and appreciate the apartment.

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