Barcelonas best restaurants for take-away and delivery

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iconic poke bowl inside a Pineapple, or piña

Barcelonas best restaurants for take-away and delivery


Are you looking for delicious, affordable places to eat in Barcelona? Look no further! We at Casamona have some fantastic recommendations for you to make the best culinary discoveries during your stay. It can be a bit daunting to make your way around a new city, but we are here to be a guide for you to find your favourite foods! These restaurants and eateries here in Barcelina all offer takeaway and/or delivery too, so if you are worried about the spread of Coronavirus or just want a convenient meal option delivered to your door, consider ordering from the following places. 


Monster sushi


Barcelonas best restaurants for take-away and delivery 1 Barcelonas best restaurants for take-away and delivery

A variety box from Monster sushi


This popular sushi restaurant uses incredible local products and blends japanese flavours with skill and finesse. From your classic nigiri and sashimi rolls to more elaborate combinations featuring elements like foie gras, you will surely find something new to try. 

The restaurant is located at Plaza Gala Placidia 25 08006, and if you wish to get your food delivered, you can call them at 934 885 078. On their website, you can go to the ‘order online’ section and add dishes to your basket, after which they will give you the option of collecting it for takeaway or getting it delivered.


Bacoa Burger


Bacoa burger barcelona

A burger from Bacoa Burger


Whether you are craving a good old classic burger or want something more customizable, we’ve got you covered. Bacoa Burger have a number of outlets across Barcelona, from Carrer Judici in Barceloneta to their iconic first site conveniently located in El Born on Av. del Marques de l’Argentera. They are open daily until late and offer both delivery and take-away options. Their website allows you to access these options.

 They pride themselves on quality as well as creativity; their menu features burgers like the ‘Montesa’ with black truffle mayo, sour cream and mushroom ragout, the ‘Cabrales’ with Danish blue cheese nad 5 hour caramelised onions, and a variety of other options with meat or vegan options alike. They have sides like patatas bravas, nachos and sweet potato fries as well as home-made sauces and rich desserts.


Pim Pam Plats


lasagna from Pim Pam Plats

A Lasagna from Pim Pam Plats


For a more homely, authentic Spanish experience here in Barcelona, take a look at Pim Pam Plats; it has an impressive array of salads, tortillas, pasta, and rice dishes, as well tasty vegetarian options. Located in the centre of El Born on Carrer del Rec, 18, it is the ideal take-away restaurant for an outdoor picnic in Parc Ciutadella.




seafood pasta from Gusto

Seafood pasta from Gusto


This rustic italian restaurant in Barcelona serves truly authentic pasta and Napoli pizza dishes. Located on Carrer de Rossello, 108, it also offers take-away or home delivery options, for which you can call them at 933 23 65 75, or book on their website. They have an impressive menu comprising of many warm or cold starters, gorgeous salads, pasta, risotto, gourmet pizzas, firewood oven pizzas, fish/meat dishes and of course desserts.  


Señor Piña


iconic poke bowl inside a Pineapple, or piña

An iconic poke bowl inside a pineapple, or piña


Looking for a healthier option? Señor Piña could be your thing! They utilise local, sustainable fish, poultry and vegetable products to make the most delicious Poke and Açai bowls. You can get creative and make your own customised bowl or choose one from their extensive menu. Señor Piña also offers delivery and takeaway services, and you can call them up at 673 33 32 19 or go to Carrer de la Boqueria, 23, to grab your bowl!


Chilango’s Taqueria 


nacho platter from Chilango's

Nacho platter from Chilango’s


This mouth-watering mexican restaurant has a great policy: call us to take your order and if you pick it up from the restaurant, we will give you a 10% discount! They also offer delivery, but without this special discount. Their menu features just what you’d expect from a top-notch mexican eatery; tacos, quesadillas, burritos, fajitas, carnitas, and loads of sides such as nachos with dips, soups, ceviche and salads. They also have a cool list of cocktails if you’re in the mood! They are conveniently located on Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 95, and are open from midday to midnight on weekdays and 1:00 am on weekends. Call them up at 938 33 73 16 if you’re craving a bit of Latin food!


La Cava Cakery


classic cava and cupcake pairing!

Classic cava and cupcake pairing!


And now, time for dessert. This gorgeous bakery on Passeig de Sant Joan, 111, open from 10-19:30 seven days a week is the perfect place to enjoy a little sweet treat. The owner wanted to add a unique touch to her cupcakes; she came up with the concept of pairing them with Cava, the italian sparkling wine, for a multi-sensory experience. You can also choose to drink some high quality coffee too. You can get creative and put together your own box of 6 cupcakes, or choose from their collection of paired cava’s and cupcake flavours from their website. Enjoy!

We at Casamona are also here to help simplify the buying or rental process for moving to barcelona, so if you have any other queries, email us at

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