Start a career in real estate in Barcelona

Start a career in real estate in Barcelona 1 Start a career in real estate in Barcelona

Start a career in real estate in Barcelona

A job in real estate in Barcelona remains a great experience. After almost 6 years of economic crisis, the property market stopped descending. The effects of the crisis have faded away and the flat prices grew by 11%. However, this is not all.

Gonzalo Bernardos, an expert in property market, confirmed that until the end of the year the rental prices will increase by 14%. For somebody who is looking for their next successful job, real estate in Barcelona might be the Jackpot.

Where to study

The latest ranking shows that the University of Barcelona (UB) stands as the best among Spanish universities. For anyone who wants to learn about finance, sale and management, one can apply there for Business Administration and Management.

Barcelona offers a wide range of courses when it comes to business and real estate. If UB is not the right solution, then the city has other alternatives, such as EU Business School, United International Business School or UPF Barcelona School of Management. We have found a list of institutions with all the details here.

Start a career in real estate in Barcelona 2 Start a career in real estate in Barcelona

The experience is a must

Casamona International is not only a real estate agency, because it also works as a school. Tine Mathiassen, the founder of the company, started recruiting interns in 2006. Since then, more than 100 international students have learned from this experience as much or perhaps even more than in their university. They are now part of Casamona’s story and each of them has contributed to what the agency is today.

Every student needs to know that a degree is not enough. Casamona provides the background for their career, because they can’t be successful in real estate without relevant experience.  The perfect way to do it is to combine the both, study and practice, or maybe they should apply for an internship and discover for themselves.

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