Casamona International: Flats we would be happy to live in ourselves

Casamona International: Flats we would be happy to live in ourselves

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Here at Casamona we try to propose our clients the best apartments in Barcelona. Casamona International flats are apartments where we would be happy to live in ourselves. We search for bright and spacious places were we would want to live. Casamona helps many people to find their perfect home and that’s why we’ll share with you one of these amazing stories.


What style do we value?

At Casamona we only offer properties that respect some points. The flat must be bright as you were living outside! Brightness is an important feature in a flat, it makes you feel comfortable and happy. Also the apartment must be welcoming, we want to feel good when entering our new home, we want to feel safe and relaxed. It is very important for us to propose this to our clients, they have to feel at home when entering a flat they want to rent or buy. Here are some examples of our flats:

Casamona International flat

One of our flat we sold last month

Details we appreciate
Balcony with plants

Balcony with plants

One thing we love at Casamona? Balconies! Barcelona is well-know for it’s balconies. All around the city, on all the buildings you will find some of the most beautiful balconies. They are flowery, decorated, they can be cozy and attractive. You would just sit there all day long to watch the sea.

We also love when the flat has a terrace. It’s really a very good asset to sell or rent it even faster because you can be outside while being at home. You can throw some parties or dinners with your friends so it is very appreciated!

Who does not appreciate the beautiful Catalan features mixed with modern furniture? Mixing old with new is a timeless style that everyone appreciate! The first typical Catalan element are the floors. They usually are made of baked clay, we also call Catalan tuff. In fact, this tiled floor is cold during the hot Catalan summer and keep the warm during the winter. The ceilings are also a real priority in flats. In Catalonia we love to see ceilings that are Catalan volta type because they are characteristic of the area.


Casamona brings its words always to earth, because Casamona International flats are selected only if we would be happy to live in ourselves and nothing less.