Casamona, unique and different

Casamona, unique and different 1 Casamona, unique and different

Casamona, unique and different

Glimpse of corporate culture

Doing business across border has been highly facilitated by new technologies. Indeed, software have now replaced people. Besides all the obvious benefits of such new form of interaction, we have grown used to talk to systems where all the answers to our questions have been pre-registered. We are now navigating around standardised interaction that works out just fine.
But what if just fine isn’t enough?
This is the bet Casamona has taken along the years. Human interactions are printed in our work as a team. Come and discover the Casamona world, a company shaped by its people.

International at heart

The Casamona team is very diverse. In fact people come from all around the world, bringing their own mind-set to the table. The importance of culture diversity is stressed from the first day. As a team, we are encouraged not to be caught up in prejudice and substitute judgement for curiosity. This creates an entirely different universe that enable each team to benefit from individual differences.

“Working for Casamona gave me the opportunity to get to know amazing people from all around the world” Szandra, Marketing

Scandinavia, France, Spain, Eastern Europe, North and South America, etc. all meet to a common ground and use English in the office. Instead of being a static and formal company, Casamona’s flat structure helps creating a more personal relationship between people. This gets translated into a more efficient working environment: when dealing with international clients, it only makes sense to work with an international team.

Human interaction back on trend

“On my first week, there was a goodbye tapas party for a leaving employee. It came naturally that they invited the new ones to the farewell party as well. Starting to hang out together, new friendships were formed. It’s an amazing experience to be part of the Casamona team”
Wilf, Office Manager.

From the first day, Casamona feels a bit like home. People chat freely in the kitchen during their breaks. It looks like a couple of friends working together. The respect and care we have for each other reflects on the way Casamona does business. That is to say treat others the way you want to be treated.

However, the bonds created within the company walls go far beyond. Being part of Casamona is being part of a team. For instance, at the end of each good most, everyone goes for lunch to celebrate the common effort. When Management raise their glass, the cheers are for everyone: from Sales Team to the Marketing department. Also, we all meet up  outside of working hours to live the Barcelona life. For some it is all about food, brunches and fancy cocktail night. Moreover, the sports are not far behind, Casamona has even its own football team on point.

“Outside of Casamona I recharge my batteries and then try to make the most of living in such a vibrant city. There is always something to do, whether it be going for brunch or chilling at the beach”
Emily, Rental Agent

Such international team is also the perfect place to find a traveling buddy. Travels are organized to discover the surroundings of Barcelona. From Port Adventura to Mallorca or even to cheer at the football stadium, Casamona is everywhere.

Here we believe in people and what they can offer. We are all different, from all around the world but working under the same roof. Come meet the Casamona community. For a more personal experience.