Clever Ways to Transform your Balcony into a Beautiful Living Space

Clever Ways to Transform your Balcony into a Beautiful Living Space

We’re lucky in Barcelona to have so many beautiful buildings that often come with balconies or terraces, but it can be difficult to know how to make the most of a space. Don’t let them become a storage area or just a place to hang up washing – with our design tips you can really maximise those small spaces to make them a beautiful addition to your home!

Natural elements

Don’t underestimate the real estate value of having a small balcony off your living room or a bedroom, they are often underused and can be a real asset to your home. If you’re clever with the design, you can maximize the space and make it a unique addition to your home.

One design whose popularity has blossomed recently is the use of vertical gardens in small balcony areas – that is, transforming one side of the balcony into a wall of plants, with layered horizontal pots or shelves. Natural decoration such as plants and flowers can make the smallest spaces feel generous and airy, as well as providing a lovely contrast to the cityscapes that balconies often look onto. Hanging baskets have long been a favourite of city-dwellers, and with good reason – they allow all of us to have a splash of nature and greenery in a concrete jungle.

Mirrors can also create an amazing illusion of space, and depending on your taste, there are endless styles to choose from – whether you choose to cover an entire wall with a full length piece of mirror, or hang one or two elegant pieces on one wall. Outdoor/ waterproof fairy lights are also an easy addition that can really make even the smallest of balconies feel special in the evening. Try hanging them around a mirror frame to project even more light around the space.


Using movable furniture in smaller spaces can allow you to transform your balcony into a living area in an instant. Bean bags and cushions are a great addition to a small or covered balcony, and make the space feel sociable and relaxed. The great thing about cushions or pillows is that they can always mould into a space- there is no place too small for a pile of squishy cushions!.

There are also lots of great dual-purpose pieces on the market such as the Prince Aha stool, which also works as a side table. Even things as simple as fold up chairs can make a huge difference as you can simply pack them up when the space is empty. There are plenty of nifty designs specifically for small balconies such as Ikea’s hanging tabletops, perfect for a romantic dinner or a weekend brunch! Corner tables can also fit snugly into one or both sides of a balcony, and allow you that little extra room for a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

If you’re lucky enough to have a slightly larger balcony or terrace, you can make even more of the space by using built-in furniture such as a bench or box chairs, along the perimeter of the balcony. This creates a large space in the middle of the terrace or balcony which transforms into an extension of the room that it comes off. You could even use underseat storage to pack even more in!

We hope we’ve shown you how small additions to smaller spaces can go a long way – design is so important in terms of maximizing the potential of a space, and it’s incredible how everyone can transform a city balcony into a cosy haven just by picking the right pieces!

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Written by Beatrice  Hughes-Morgan