Camasona’s Top Tips for Moving to Barcelona

Camasona's Top Tips for Moving to Barcelona 1 Camasona's Top Tips for Moving to Barcelona

Camasona’s Top Tips for Moving to Barcelona


Moving to Barcelona or a new country at all can seem daunting, and at an international company like Casamona we know all about the stresses that come with moving to Spain. So, we have teamed up to put together a list of our top tips for moving to Barcelona!



First things first, before moving to Barcelona, you will need to organise a place to stay. We wouldn’t recommend signing a contract for a flat or room before viewing it in person and meeting the owner. Therefore, it’s wise to organise some temporary accommodation while you settle in and go and visit some housing possibilities. You can book a hotel, a temporary apartment on Friendly Rentals , or perhaps find a room on Couchsurfing. This gives you plenty of time to view flats, discover the city’s districts, and find the perfect place for you! 

If you need any help deciding where to live, you may find our guide on Barcelona’s neighbourhoods useful. And if you need further help finding a place to live, relevant adverts are regularly posted on our Facebook page.

Advice and Information on the city

You’ll soon be in the swing of life in Barcelona, but here are some tips for your first few days. There is a great metro and bus service across the city, and it’s the fastest way of getting around. However, buying individual tickets can be quite expensive. So consider purchasing a multi-journey ticket of which there are many options, such as unlimited travel for €54/month. These can be bought at any station, from the electronic ticket machines or customer service centres. You can also get around the city using the popular Bicing rental bike scheme which is priced at €47.16 for a year’s subscription, just note that you’ll need your NIE Number to sign up for it.

However, when the weather is nice, walking is definitely the best way to explore all the city has to offer. It’s easy to lose yourself in Eixample’s picturesque squares and octagonal blocks, in the historical alleys of Gótico and El Raval, in the beaches of Barceloneta, or even in the bustling shop fronts of Passeig de Gracia. Just be wary that, while Barcelona is typically a safe city,  pickpockets do operate in popular areas.

NIE number

The Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE Number) is effectively a tax and identification number for foreigners living in Spain. You will need to get you NIE if you plan on buying a property, opening a bank account, working in paid employment, or simply for getting a Bicing bike hire scheme card amongst other reasons. There is plenty of further information about the application on our website. Alternatively, you can go online on the Spanish Government’s website and you can always visit your nearest Oficina de Extranjeros. Far Barcelona, this can be found on La Rambla de Guipúscoa 74.

If you lose your NIE Number or have it stolen, read our blog post to find out what to do next.

Bank account

Using bank cards abroad often incurs an extra charge for payments and withdrawals. So when moving to Barcelona it may be worth considering opening a Spanish bank account. To do so you’ll typically need your NIE Number, a valid passport, and both a proof of address and a proof of employment document. However, this information changes from bank to bank so remember to check the requirements in advance.

Phone number

Many phone companies now offer free roaming in their contracts, but remember to check whether yours does before you arrive. It’s an expensive mistake to make! If your phone provider has additional costs for phone use abroad, we would recommend getting a Spanish SIM card. They are not expensive to buy and will be much cheaper to use on a daily basis.  


If you’re looking for a job in Barcelona there are plenty of websites and pages that advertise positions available across the city. Otherwise, you can also look for jobs on our specific  Or else why not come and join us here at the Casamona team by sending your CV and a cover letter to We are a young, international team always looking for talented interns to join us in Barceloneta.

Get out and explore the city!

Barcelona is a fantastic, vibrant, and open city so it won’t be hard to find your feet, so it’s time to get out there and enjoy everything that it has to offer!


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